Indian Festivals Blog : November

Guru Purab
Guru Purab is celebrated as the birth anniversary of Guru Nanak, the first guru of the Sikhs who founded the Sikh faith in the North India. The two main events which are the part of the festival are the recitation of the holy book and taking out of the holy book in a procession. The ‘Akhand Path’ or the continuous reading of the ‘Granth’ holy book is held in Gurudwaras all over the country. Langars (community feasts) are organised where people of all castes sit together to eat and sing hymns from the Guru Granth Sahib. The celebrations at Amritsar are especially impressive.
Sharad Purnima
Sharad Purnima is a harvest festival which is celebrated when the goddess Laxmi, the goddess of prosperity, visits the home of all to bring them fortune and good luck. Kojagiri, the special night, is celebrated with ice-cold, saffron-flavored sweet rice milk or Kheer is prepared and kept in the moonlight. On the next day, that Kheer is served to all the people and other family members. The full moon night is called Navanna Purnima or the moonlit night of new food. The newly harvested rice is offered to the god and lamps are lit before the full moon.
The word “Diwali” is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Deepawali’, which means a row or cluster of lights. It is one of the most widely celebrated and most beautiful festivals of India. Diwali is the brightest and noisiest festival of India. This festival comes after the 21 days of Dussehra. According to the legends the Lord Rama returned to Ayodhya after his 14 year exile in the forest. It is said that the people illuminated their houses and streets with earthen oil lamps to welcome the Lord. Even today almost every one illuminates their houses with oil lamps, candles and electric lights, decorate their houses and distribute the sweets to each other. The people decorate their doorways with the Bandanwars or torans (a decorative garland) of mango leaves and marigolds. Rangolis (designs on floor) are drawn with different coloured powders to welcome the guests.On this special day the goddess Laxmi, the goddess of wealth is worshipped. In the night, the people wear new clothes, illuminate their houses, worship the goddess Laxmi, burn the firecrackers and exchange the sweets.
Ka Pomblang Nongrem
Ka Pomblang Nongrem festival is celebrated annually in the month of November in Shillong, Meghalaya. This festival is celebrated for almost five days by the Khasis in Shillong. This festival is celebrated as an occasion for thanksgiving for a good harvest and the time to pray for peace and prosperity. During this festival, the Khasi men and women, dressed in traditional splendor, perform the famous Nongkrem dance.
Sonepur Fair
Sonepur Fair is held at Sonepur, on the banks of the River Ganges. This fair is the Asia’s biggest cattle fair which is held for about a month. During this fair, the cattle decorated for the occasion, swarm the venue.
Pushkar Fair
Pushkar has become a major tourist attraction due to the Pushkar Fair. Pushkar Fair is held annually in the month of November on the banks of the Pushkar Lake in Rajasthan. One of the major attractions of this fair is the camel and cattle fair and camel races. Thousands of pilgrims came here to take a bath in the holy waters of the Pushkar Lake. Trading of cattle, camel races and dazzling displays of bangles, brassware, clothes, camel saddles and halters are the major attractions of the fair. This fair lasts for twelve days.
Hampi Festival
Hampi Festival is celebrated in the first week of November. This festival is celebrated in Hampi, the ancient capital of the Vijayanagar empire. Music and dance programmes, drama, fireworks, puppet shows and spectacular processions are a part of this festival. The Karnataka state government organize this festival in order to recreate the grandeur of the ancient Vijayanagar empire and the olden days. Artists from every corner of India gather here to enjoy the beautiful splendor of the festival, the village of Hampi.
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