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5 Days Ladakh Trekking Tour

(05 Days / 04 Nights)
(Leh-Lamayuru-Urshi-Tar la-Marg Gyu-Gera-Alchi-Leh)

In the 5 Days Ladakh Trekking Tour, you will enjoy the trekking and also have a chance to visit the monasteries in Ladakh. In this tour, you will visit monasteries of Lamayuru, Marg Gyu and Alchi. Lamayuru monastery is one of the mysterious and the oldest monastery in Ladakh. The monastery was founded in the 11th century and belongs to the Tibetan Kagyupa sect. The Alchi monastery dates back to nearly one thousand years. Since last 500 years, the religion is not practiced in the Alchi monastery. Over a period of time the Yellow hat sect (Gelugpa) shifted the religious activities to another place which is 30 kms away, known as Likir.

Day 1: Leh - Lamayuru

In the morning drive to Lamayuru. In Lamayuru visit the monastery and village. 

Day 2: Lamayuru - Urshi (about 7 hours)

Today, the trekking will start from Lamayuru. From Lamayuru monastery. descent towards the village, cross the steam, ascent mountain side and pass the small valley till Prinkitila pass. Later, descend the gorge and arrive at Shilla. In Shilla, cross a bridge and continue to the right bank up to Wanla. Then follow the Yapola river on the left for 2 hours up to Penjila. After reaching Penjila, leave the valley and go straight north along stream which leads to Urshi. Today, you can have a camp near the pass after passing off the village. 

Day 3: Urshi - Tar la (about 8 hours)

Today, you will have trekking from Urshi to Tar la. The trail is very well marked but difficult for 5 hours until Tar la. There are masses of fallen rocks in the slope which you will come across while descending the pass to reach Tar village. 

Day 4: Tar la - Marg Gyu (about 5 hours)

Today, you will trek from Tar la to Marg Gyu. Now, the path will go up along mountain side to a new pass, and descends towards Marg Gyu. Marg Gyu is a beautiful village with a monastery. Below the village is a stream.

Day 5: Marg Gyu - Gera - Alchi - Leh (about 4 hours)

Today you will have trekking from Marg Gyu to Alchi. It will be a very good path that leads into beautiful narrow valley and after 2 hours you reach the Indus valley at Gera village from here bridge across the Indus river leads to the Kargil-Leh road. You will follow the Indus river and continue along the hill side and reach Alchi. In Alchi visit the Alchi monastery, which is famous for wall paintings and drive back to Leh.

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