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Festivals of Arunachal Pradesh

Festivals form an essential aspect of Socio-Cultural life of the people of Arunachal Pradesh. As a matter of fact festivals of Arunachal Pradesh reflects the real culture and tradition of the people of Arunachal Pradesh . Every social community of Arunachal Pradesh celebrate number of festivals. The festivals of Arunachal Pradesh are generally - agricutural, religious and socio-cultural, which give them ample opportunity to enjoy and entertain freely. The festivals are the occasions for people to relax, to enjoy, to dance and eat and drink.

Agriculture being the basic means of livelihood in Arunachal, the festivals having connection with agriculture are celebrated in bigger scale either to thank God for the providence or pray for good harvest. The ritual part of each festival is performed by the priest and other arrangements of the festivals are done by the people in a community basis. Animal sacrifice is a common ritual in most of the festivals in Arunachal Pradesh. Throughout the year festivals are celebrated by one or the other tribes. Because of this fact, Arunachal Pradesh may also be called the land of festivals.

Arunachal Pradesh Fairs / Festivals
Fair & Festivals Date & Month (approx)
Si-Donyi- Tagin Festival January
Reh- Idu Festival February
Boori Boot- Hill Miris Festival February
Losar- Monpa Festival February
Tamladu-Idu-Mishmi tribe February
Oriah- Wancho tribe February
Ali-Aye Ligang - Mishing tribe February
Nyokum- Nishi Festival February
Mopin- Adi Festival April
Pongtu -Tutsa tribe April
Sanken - Khampti and Singhpo tribe April
Moh or Mol - Tangsa tribe April
Dree- Apatani Festival Nenchaya July
Choskhor- Monpa Festival July
Solung- Adi Festival September
Chalo Loku - Nocte tribe November

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