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About Ghanerao

Ghanerao is a small village in Desuri tehsil of Pali district of Rajasthan.The village of Ghanerao is located in a wonderful, rural location which shows the essence of village and tribal life of Rajasthan whilst being close to the famed Jain Ranakpur Temples and the Kumbalgarh Fort.  The village is located on the Sadri-Desuri road State Highway 16. Due to its closeness to Kumbhalgarh fort, Ranakpur Jain temple and Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary, it is an important place in tourism. There are many Hindu and Jain temples in and around Ghanerao. There are about 11 Jain temples some of them are quite old, Among them Muchhal Mahavir Temple is the most prominent. In the village there are also Hindu temples of Laxmi Narayanji, Charbhujaji and Murlidhar. On the outskirts of the village a math known as Giriji Ki Dhani is situated. A temple of Gajanand here is worth seeing.

The village of Ghanerao is a pilgrim hotspot, due to the presence of a large number of temples in the region. For this reason, the village of Ghanerao also attracts many tourists, as they flock along to witness the festivities in the region during the peak seasons. According to census 2001 Ghaneraohad a population of 7,650.

The Jain temples in Ghanerao are very old, while the Hindu temples in the region are relatively new. Laxmi Narainji is a worth visiting temple in Ghanerao. A temple dedicated to the deity Murlidhai is also a famous temple in the region. Tourists and pilgrims also flock to the Chabhiya temple, which is very popular among the locals. The most famous temple in Ghanerao is the one dedicated to Gajanand, which is mostly famous for the huge statue of the deity that is housed in the temple. This huge statue is flanked by statues of other deities on the side.

The temple of Muchhal Mahavir is a famous Jain temple that lies at a distance of about 5 kms from Ghanerao. This is a rare Jain temple that depicts Lord Mahavir with a moustache, and is one-of-its-kind. Ghanerao village is a wonderful base from which to discover true rural Rajasthan. One can encounter Rabari herdsmen - the colorful nomadic shepherds who travel thousands of kilometers with their flocks searching for pasture for their sheep in addition to the simple yet peaceful way of life of the local Garisa Tribe. The surrounding lakes attract many migratory water birds and it is not unusual to see the occasional crocodile basking in the sun.

Location of Ganerao

Ghanerao is a small village which is located in the Indian state of Rajasthan. A part of Pali district, the place is well-known for its heritage, landscape and wildlife. Ghanerao has good road network connecting it with other places in vicinity like Udaipur and Jodhpur.

Narali is situated about 30 km off Ghanerao. There are a number of old temples and it is a major pilgrim centre for the Jains. It lies at the base of a hillock, on the top of which is a huge statue of an elephant. One of the temples on the hillock is devoted to Baijnath Mahadev and the other to Hinglaj Mata. On another hillock, there is a temple dedicated to Neminath. In the village, the temple of Adinath is said to be very old. The outer mandap, on its ceiling has mural paintings, which though over 200 years old, have retained their original shine and color. The other temples in the village are Adinath temples, Tapeshwar Mahadev, and Charbuja.

Best time to visit Ganerao

The climate of Ghanerao is tropical with the mercury climbing up to a maximum of around 42C and a minimum of around 22C in the summer. Winters are a bit colder with a maximum of around 20C and a minimum of around 11C. Annual total rainfall is around 55 centimeters. The best time to visit Ganerao is from October to March.

Tourist Attraction in Ghanerao

Gajananda Temple
One of the must-see temples of Ghanerao is the amazing Gajananda Temple, devoted to Lord Ganesha. The inner sanctum of this temple has intricately carved life sized marble statues of the Lord with his wives; Ridhi (who represents prosperity) and Sidhi (who represents spiritual prowess).

Ghanerao Royal Castle
Ghanerao Royal Castle lies on the Udaipur - Jodhpur route at about 5 kms from Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary. The Castle is a beautiful castle that appears a little old but is very refreshing and charming. It transports the visitors back in time with its tranquil and quiet atmosphere. As this castle and the surroundings are not crowded with tourists they make one feel alone in the world. The Castle was built in a typical Rajput style of architecture.

Ghanerao Jungle Lodge or Bagha Ka Bagh
It lies on the edge of Aarvali Hills in Rajasthan, Ghanerao Jungle Lodge offers modern rooms with a cable TV. Featuring a restaurant and 24-hour reception, the property is 500 meters from Kumbalgarh National Park.

Horse Safaris
One can also indulge in activities like horse safaris in the village of Ganerao.

Places around Ganerao

Muchhal Mahavir Temple
Muchhal Mahavir in the Kumbhalgarh sanctuary is about 5 kms from Ghanerao. It is a Jain temple known and said to be a contemporary of the Ranakpur temples. It is the only Jain temple in which the statue of Lord Mahavir has been depicted with a moustache. There are many local legends attached to it. The two statues of elephants on the gate of the temple are beautiful pieces of sculpture.

In the surrounding areas of this temple, there are few villages of Garasia tribals. The clothes of these tribals is supposed to be the most colorful amongst all the tribals of India. Two or three days after the festival of Holi, they perform an imposing group dance on the platform of the temple.

Kumbhalgarh is situated about 18 km away,it has a fort which was founded by the ruler of Mewar, Rana Kumbha. It was the second most important bastion of Mewar after Chittaurgarh. Within the fort there are some interesting temples. Badal Mahal or the Palace of Clouds is worth a visit and the Kumbhalgarh wildlife sanctuary is spread over 500 sq km with more than 150 varieties of animals and birds.

How To Reach Ganerao

By Rail
Falna, at a distance of 30 km, is the nearest railhead which is connected to Udaipur and other places in Rajasthan.

By Road
Ghanerao is well connected through a good network of roads with the other places in the region.

By Air
The nearest airport is at Udaipur which is about 110 km away from Ganerao.



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