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         Kishtwar Padum Trekking Tour
(10 Days / 09 Nights)
(Kishtwar-Galhar-Labradi-Atholi-Chichot-Hangoo-Sumcham-Camp at the plateau-Camp near the Stream-Camp at the cliffs-Umasi-la-camp near the bridge-Ating-Sani-Padum)
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Kishtwar Padum Trekking Tour is a wonderful trekking tour in which one can discover the southern and northern side of the Himalayas. The best time to take this trekking tour is from the end of July to the end of September. This trekking tou starts from Kishtwar and ends at Padum.

Day 1: Kishtwar - Galhar - Labradi (about 5 hours)

In the early morning leave from Kishtwar and drive to Galhar. The trekking will start from Galhar. At the first time, there will be an easy track, but later the walking will get hard. After 5 hours of walking up and down arrive in Labradi where two dilapidated houses built against large rocks serve as inns. 

Day 2: Labradi - Atholi (about 10 hours)

Today will be a long day of never-ending ups and downs. Cross the picturesque bridge over the Chenab River. Later, the track will go away from the gorges and rise gently at Atholi. Atholi is the major village in the valley with its unusual temples symbolizing the blending of several religions. Overnight stay in the camp in Atholi.

Day 3: Atholi - Chichot (about 9 hours)

Today, you will cross two bridges to reach the Right Bank of the Dharlang. After crossing several villages, when you go further, you wiil came across that the wonderful cedar forests will replace the vegetation, which is made of many species of trees. Finally, you will reach Chichot. Chichot is one of the first Padder-pa villages, surrounded by beautiful fields. Overnight stay in Chichot.

Day 4: Chichot - Hangoo (about 4 hours) 

Today there will be a short walk along the river from Chichot to Hangoo. Along the way, the scenery will be replaced by the pleasant cedar forests to rockier terrain. In Hangoo, you will have camps behind the village after obtaining authorization. 

Day 5: Hangoo - Sumcham - Camp at the plateau (about 6 hours)

In the morning, you will leave Hangoo and go through Sumcham, final village before the pass well known for its proximity to countless precious-stone deposits. Steep rise will become very difficult to obtain. Today you will have camp at the edge of plateau in wonderful fields of edelweiss. 

Day 6: Camp at the glacial plateau - Camp near the stream

Today you will cross the glacial plateau towards the valley on the left. After having a long and steep climb to a plateau you will be able to see the moraine of the glacier. In the evening you have camp at the edge of the stream coming from the glacier. 

Day 7: Camp near the Stream - Camp at the cliffs (about 6 hours)

In the early morning leave the camp and have a walk among large rocks. Very soon, you will pass onto the ice, which is still covered with large stones and boulders. You can now see the long glacier, which must be crossed. After 3 hours of walking on the bare ice with small rivulets, you will arrive at the foot of an ice wall. Leave the glacier on the left towards the rocky and very steep slope. After climbing it, walk in the direction of the cliffs and camp at their base. 

Day 8: Camp at the cliffs - Umasi-la - camp near the bridge (about 8 hours)

In the early morning, leave the camp and walk along the cliffs as far as the glacier. Later go up to the glacier. Then, turn to your left and climb the snow slope, which leads to a high plateau. Once at the base of the peaks, do not miss the small gap leading to the pass. In the afternoon reach Umasi-La. Umasi-la is situated at about 5300 metres and provides very beautiful panoramic view. After having rest at the pass, you will have a long and dangerous descent through snow that leads to the glacier. At the bottom of the slope, walk to the end of the glacier, along the stream on the left bank, through large rocks. Then, you will cross the bridge and come to a beautiful campsite. 

Day 9: Camp near the bridge - Ating (about 9 hours) 

In the early morning, leave the camp and have long descent across the pastures. In the late afternoon you see the Dzongkhul monastery on the opposite bank. In the late evening arrive in Ating.

Day 10: Ating - Sani - Padum (about 4 hours) 

Today, you will have a short stretch on the Right Bank of the Doda river till the temple at Sani. Either, you can set your camp at Sani or walk towards Padum

We always look forward for any changes in the itinerary as wished by you for your individual trip.

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