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Life stands for "Live uninterrupted For Ever". One must try to connect with nature as one inhale the precious breath of life. It is connected to the higher power within you.

What is Formula of Life:
Formula of Life = Dream X Faith X Planning = Action
When the dream which is the aim of life when combines with the faith on god and family and self confidence together with proper planning then it results into some action or work what one calls is life.

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Categories of Life

Life is divided into two categories which are Stress and peace.

1. Stress (Disease / Problems)
The life of human being is full of stress. When the body react to an event or a situation that is emotionally disturbing then some reactions occur in the body, which can be treated as stress. In the urban cities, the lifestyle of the people and the various activities result in stress. Stress manifests itself in the form of many psychological and physical problems like anxiety, anger, tension, constipation, depression, frustration and loss of memory. But a certain amount of stress is required by our mind and body to keep it ticking.

2. Peace (Remedy / Solution)
There are various remedies or solutions by which one can remove the stress and live in peace. One of the remedy is Yoga and Pranayama. Yoga is a tool of self-disciplined life. Yoga is still considered to be the best solution to remove stress. Pranayama helps in improving the breathing power and also keeps the Respiratory system in normal position. However, we can practise some simple relaxation techniques to get relieved from stress, such as Meditation or muscle relaxation. Besides this a balanced diet and proper exercises are also necessary for the removal of stress. A balanced diet to meet your energy requirements for the day is essential for stress relief. Without enough exercise, this excess energy will make you restless.

Thus it can be said that

"The moment you are in TENSION
U R losing your ATTENTION
Then you are in CONFUSION & Feel IRRITATION
Spoil your personal RELATION &
All things make COMPLICATION
CAUTION ! Your BP may be HIGH
Better to take MEDITATION instead of taking any SOLUTION.
Don't think it is my free SUGGESTION and only for PREVENTION"



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