Information about Matheran

Matheran is situated amidst the green Jambol forest at an altitude of 803 meters above sea level. Matheran is the most splendid hill station in Maharashtra. It covers an area of 8 square kms. in Sahyadris. Its pastoral beauty is pristine. The climate in Matheran is pleasant throughout the year, but the best time to visit Matheran is between October and May. This hill station is at its best during the tail-end of monsoons during which it is full of breathtaking waterfalls, mist covered valleys, dew dripped greenery and floating clouds. Marathi, Hindi and English are the various languages which are spoken in Matheran.

History of Matheran

Matheran was discovered in 1850 by Hugh Poyntz Malet, the collector of Thane district. He was camping around the village of Chowk, when on a hill top he stopped to drink water from a spring, which still bears his name. The light railway line was constructed by M/s. Adamji Pirbhoy in 1907 and was worked by the Matheran Steam Light Tramway Co. Ltd., Bombay. The Government authorized the construction, maintenance and working of the line by the promoter, while Government land was provided free of cost. This line was later taken up by the Great Indian Peninsula Railway from April, 1948. Under regrouping of the Indian Railways in 1951, it was grouped under the Central Railway. The toy train on this line meanders up the mountain, providing a breathtaking view.

Tourist Attractions in Matheran

Matheran is dotted with around 33 view points from where you can get spectacular views of the plains below or across the Western Ghats. Some of these viewpoints are Panorama Point, Coronation Point, Louisa Point, Porcupine Point, Echo Point, Tree Point, Shivaji’s Ladder, Chowk Point, Khandala Point, Karjat Point, Alexander Point, Mount Barry, Honeymoon Hill and Panther’s cave.

Anglican St. Paul’s Church
The Anglican St. Paul’s Church was built by the Britishers. This church is the pride of the town and run by the local Parsis and Muslim families.

Roman Catholic Church
The Roman Catholic Church was also built by the Britishers. This church is now in ruins but has not lost its old world charm. This church is also run by the local Parsis and Muslim families.

Panorama Point
Panorama Point is situated about 5 kms. north of the post office. This view point offers the finest view. Neral is situated towards below, Mumbai in the west and Ghats in the north. The sunrise and sunset here are very dramatic.

Coronation Point
Coronation Point is situated towards the south of the post office. This place marked the coronation ceremony of King Edward VII in 1903.

Louisa Point
Louisa Point is situated towards the west of the post office. Louisa Point provides the view of the beautiful plateau and the ruins of the Prabal fort.

Charlotte Lake
Charlotte lake is located away from the edge of the hilltop. The main drinking of the town comes from Charlotte lake. This lake offers a splendid view of the dam on the one side and Pisarnath Mandir on the other side.

Shopping in Matheran

The main Mahatma Gandhi Road is lined with shops of all shapes and sizes, that form the main bazaar in Matheran. The Kapadia Market is the main market which was set up by Mr. P.N. Kapadia in 1919, in memory of his wife. The famous ‘Chikki’ sweets, local honey, footwears, sandals, shoes or riding boots, walking sticks, snacks and unique cane goods can be purchased from the markets in Matheran.

How to get there

By Air:
The nearest airport is situated in Mumbai, about 90 kms. from Matheran.

By Rail:
The nearest railway station is situated in Matheran, about 0.5 km. from Matheran.

By Road:
Matheran are directly connected by road to Mumbai.


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