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Festivals of Orissa

Orissa is more often addressed as the land of festivities. And when its the time for celebration, people sing and dance to the tunes of music. It is the enthusiasm of the people that makes Orissa appear lively and enthusiastic throughout the year. The list of Orissa festivals is a real long one, encompassing several religious festivals, cultural festivals and tribal festivals. Religious fervor and beautiful colors is what characterizes the festivals of Orissa. Every district and every community has something unique to offer, which is reflected in the distinctive kinds of festivals celebrated in this amazing state in India.

Orissa Fairs / Festivals Calendar 2014






14 Feb 28

Magh Mela


January 27 Sattila Ekadasi Orissa
February 10 Bhouma Ekadasi Orissa
February 13 Kumbha Sankranti Orissa
February 14 Magha Purnima Orissa
February 19 Konark Dance Festival Konark, Orissa
February 25 Pankoddhar Ekadasi Orissa
March 11 Phagu Dasami Orissa
March 12 Papanasini Ekadasi Orissa
March 14 Meena Sankranti Orissa
March 17 Dola Purnima Orissa
March 27 Papamochani Ekadasi Orissa
April 8 Rama Navami Orissa
April 11 Kamada Ekadasi Orissa
April 14 Pana Sankranti Orissa
April 30 Chaitra Amavasya Orissa
May 2 Akshaya Trutiya Orissa
May 10 Mohini Ekadasi Orissa
May 13 Chandan Yatra Orissa
May 15 Brusha Sankranti Orissa
May 24 Jala Krida Ekadasi Orissa
May 25 Baruthini Ekadasi Orissa
May 28 Savitri Amabasya Orissa
June 15 Raja Sankranti Orissa
June 29 Rath Yatra Puri, Orissa
July 18 Bahuda Yatra Orissa
August 17 Singha Sankranti Orissa
September 8 Bali Trutiya Orissa
September 10 Rishi Panchami Orissa
September 17 Kanya Sankranti Orissa
October 2 Saraswati Puja Orissa
October 2 Mahastami Orissa
October 18 Kumar Purnima Orissa
November 6 Kartik Purnima Orissa
November 11 Awala Navami Sakhigopal, Orissa
November 16 Bichha Sankranti Orissa
November - December 21 Nov - 12 Dec Manabasa Gurubar Orissa
November 26 Prathamastami Orissa
December 1 - 5 International Sand Art Festival Chandrabhaga beach, Konark, Orissa
December 1 - 5 Konark Festival Sun temple, Konark, Orissa
December 16 - 16 Sudasha Brata Orissa
December 16 - 16 Dhanu Sankranti Orissa

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Information about Orissa
Introduction || History || Geography || People || Dances || Festivals || Temple Architecture || Shopping || Cuisine || Beaches || Tourist Attractions || Buddhist Monasteries || Wildlife Sanctuaries

Beaches in Orissa
Puri Beach || Chandipur Beach || Gopalpur-On-Sea || Chandrabhaga Beach || Paradwip Beach

Cities in Orissa

Bhubaneshwar || Cuttack || Konark || Puri

Distances from Cities in Orissa
Bhubaneshwar || Cuttack || Paradwip

Festivals of Orissa
Basant Panchami || Magha Saptami Mela || Kalinga Mahotsava || Rajarani Music Festival ||
Ashokashtami || Jhamu Yatra || Chandan Yatra || Snana Yatra || Rath Yatra || Durga Puja || Beach Festival || Konark Dance Festival || Shreekhetra Mahotsava

Wildlife Sanctuaries of Orissa
Simlipal National Park || Satkosia Gorge Wildlife Sanctuary || Nandankanan Wildlife Sanctuary || Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary || Chilka Wildlife Sanctuary
|| Badarama Wildlife Sanctuary || Sunabeda Wildlife Sanctuary || Chandka Dampara Wildlife Sanctuary

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