Yoga, Solution of Problems by Yoga

Solution of Problems in Life

There are various solutions or remedies by which one can remove the problems in life. Some of the remedies are nature, proper exercise, proper breathing, proper relaxation, proper diet, proper thinking, yoga, pranayama, meditation and recreation.

1. Nature
Nature has a cure for all problems and the nature cure is gradually becoming extremely popular all over the world as a remedy for various diseases because it does not leave any side-effects. Naturopathy not only cleanses the harmful toxins deposited in our body, but also establishes a harmony with the environment by bringing you the right frame of mind. In short, it provides a holistic treatment for both the body and the mind.

The basic aim of nature cure is that the human body is made up of the same elements which make up the universe and so treatment for the disease must be by the use of only natural sources like sun rays, water, food, air etc. A completely safe branch of alternate medicine, naturopathy is a very effective medium for curing a range of ailments, even cardiac problems. It provides a total package of physical, mental and spiritual health habits.

2. Proper Exercise

If one wants to live fit and healthy then one should also take proper exercise. There are various exercises in Yoga which cover almost every part of the body like neck exercises, hand exercises, shoulder exercises, leg exercises, chest exercises and tummy exercises. Walking and stretching are good for the well being of the body. Instead of using the lift, one should climb the stairs. One should perform the simple exercises like stretching the legs in front of you and your arms above your head from time to time while you are at work and rotating the head clockwise and anticlockwise six times at least once a day. Various types of body exercises are twisting, stretching, forward and backward bending. One must do these simple exercises as per the individual health capacity. But before practicing proper guidance is required to do in a correct way.

3. Proper Diet

One should always take a proper and balance diet in order to function smoothly. Some of the elements which must be present in a proper and balance diet are Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fats, Vitamins, Minerals, Water and Roughage (fibre). Intake of extra calories makes muscles restive. High protein food, smoking, alcohol, etc., are risk factors and should be avoided as far as possible or at least limited.

4. Proper Breathing

Proper Breathing is also a very essential part for the existence of a human life. There are certain conditions for proper breathing. Firstly, one should follow breathing very slowly and slowly. Secondly, inhale and exhale should be equal i.e 6 x 6. People with deskbound jobs tend to take in shallow breaths, reducing the level of oxygen needed for the body to function properly. This leads to sloth and slowing down of the body’s metabolic rate. Deep breathing helps to maintain the required oxygen level, increases blood flow and activates nerve centers.

5. Proper Relaxation

One must also devote some time to relaxation. One should relax for at least some time. At least 10-12 minutes of total muscle relaxation every day is a must. Sparing 20 minutes for oneself is not asking for too much. Some of the ways by which one can relax is by putting on some light and soothing music and laying down in a comfortable position, then closing the eyes and loosening up the body muscles consciously. Soon your body will feel lighter. Concentrate you mind on something which is pleasing to you (could be a person, object, anything). One should also have an adequate sleep and rest for some time.

6. Proper Thinking
One should live a simple life and have a positive thinking towards life.

7. Yoga

Yoga is the part of the ancient life-disciplines that have been practiced in India for centuries. It is one of the oldest system of personal development which integrated the entire body, mind and spirit. The word Yoga means "to join or unite together," and so it brings the body and mind together. Yoga is the union of physical, mental and spiritual self. It is the realization of the union of the self and ultimately, the union of self with the divine. It also brings the mind and body into a mutual state of well being, balance, ease and vibrant alertness.

8. Pranayama

Pranayama means the art of controlling breath. Pranayama is made up of two words, Prana and Ayama. Prana means breath. Ayama means expansion or stretching which is extension and control of breath. Pranayama must be practiced before relaxation and meditation or at the end of the session. It is essential that breathing techniques must be first learned under the supervision of an experienced teacher.

9. Meditation
Meditation is also known as Dhyan or Sadhana. Meditation means how to concentrate mind at one point. Meditation trains you to have a sense of awareness through the ability to focus the mind’s attention purely on the present moment on the details and the physical sensation of the posture being executed.

10. Recreation

The human being must also devote some time in recreating activities. The person must be active and take interest in various sports or games, art and cultural activities which take one’s mind away from the routine pressures.


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