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Qamdo, Tibet

Information about Qamdo
Qamdo city, also known as Chamdo city, is located in the far eastern side of Tibetan Autonomous Corner. This is probably the most advanced city of Tibet. Situated at an altitude of 3240 m above sea level, surrounded by famous Hengduan Mountains Range and having many rivers and lakes, Qamdo is a naturalist's heaven. Qamdo is also an industrial hub which is visited by the company enterprises and business travelers from the world. The development of this remote city is on the full swing with many

Qamdo Tibet

new roads coming up, making it a infrastructure advance city. This should definitely increase the number of tourist visiting Qamdo. The city is one of the most developed city in Tibet, so options for entertainment are also very vast. It has its fair share of shopping arcades, street shops, and movie theaters. In the evening time, catch a live performance of the famous Repa dance in the Dingqen area which definitely is going to be excellent. Meat is the most prominent item you will get here with Yak meat being the most popular. Qamdo City is more rich in natural wonders than human marvels. With its distinctive characters and vividness, Qamdo city has slowly but surely made its way to the top tourist spots in Tibet.

Climate of Qamdo
The temperature in Qamdo is close to 10 Degree Celsius and summers is the best time to plan a trip to Qamdo city. It is said that one can experience all the four seasons on a single mountain itself. It is quite easy to get sick in such kind of weather conditions if required precautions are not taken, so it is better to carry all kinds of clothing with you.

Shopping in Qamdo

Qamdo is the best place in entire Tibet to shop for traditional and modern clothings. Women and youngsters alike, are attracted a lot to these garment shops. Garma Town produces few of the most stunning thangka paintings. Chaidui Wendangang Village is the best spot for purchasing marvelous Buddha sculptures.

Tourist Attractions in Qamdo

Some of the tourist attractions in Qamdo are Yiri Hot Spring, Chambaling Monastery, Deqen Phodrang Sacred Mountain and Kanuo Ruins.

Chambaling Monastery

Chambaling Monastery is located at the highest spot in the Qamdo City. From here you will get the best view of the entire city. This monastery was built in the year 1444 by one of Tsong Khapa's disciple, and houses few of the oldest statues of Buddha. The stunning work of arts can be seen in various Thangka paintings and murals. During Tibetan New Year, the religious dance Guqing is performed. In this dance, the performers wear elegant traditional clothes and expressive masks that pump in a new life to the already spectacular dance.

Yiri Hot Spring

There are few springs in and around Qamdo, but due to surrounding beauty and calmness, Yiri Hot Spring has become the most popular among tourists. The water here has tremendous healing properties and people suffering from rheumatic arthritis, and skin diseases come here regularly. This has made it a world famous spring. It is about 6-hrs drive from Riwoche county and it is advisable that you hire a vehicle to come here, as the area is not easily reachable.

Deqen Phodrang Sacred Mountain

The Deqen Phodrang Sacred Mountain, also known as 'Riwoqe', is a perfect spot for relaxing and rejuvenating. The surroundings here is a welcome change with colorful flowers, green grass, and chirping birds making environment more breathtaking. Do not forget to bring along your trekking gears, as the mountains are not very high and provide the perfect terrain for trekking. These alpine ranges are worshiped on a particular day when locals bring food and wine along with them as offering. When you are coming to Riwoqe, try to come here by hiring a vehicle as there are no roads here, thus no transportation.

Kanuo Ruins

Kanuo Ruins covers an area of 1800 square meters, and were discovered in the year 1977. Since then, the site has become the main source of attraction, visited by thousands of tourist from the world. The ruins are situated around 12 km from Qamdo City and full of stone built houses and primitive stone tools that date back to more than 5000 years back. They are also the first excavated sites in Tibet that makes it important for researchers and archaeologists.

How to Reach Qamdo
By Air

Chamdo Bangdad Airport, situated in Chengdu and at an altitude of 4300 m above sea level is the highest airport in the world. It has now started takes traffic from Lhasa airport. Qamdo town is around 128 km away from here that you can travel by road.

By Road

Road transportation is more preferred than air travel. Buses to all the major cities of Tibet originate from here. There is also a connection to cities of China and Nepal.

Local Transport

Taxis are the major mode of transport in the city. You can also avail the services of pedi-cabs that you might more suitable to explore the city.


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