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A Trip to Shantiniketen

Amongst the forests of Panagarh and Bolpur in West Bengal one can drive to the rich environs of Shantiniketan , the University town that India's nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore built. Meandering in the campus one is suddenly struck by the charm of living and learning in natural surroundings. A trip to  Shantiniketan makes one realise about how very artificial our young lives have become in the cities with matchbox constructions passing as temples of learning. Tagore's lasting contribution has also been in the field of education, where he gave a different paradigm of teacher and taught. The mornings are filled with birdsong mixing with ones voice, grass and greenery vying for the artists brush, pupils learning the alphabets from nature itself, and even the joys of science and art bloom in the campus filled with an aura of creativity and soulfulness. After a visit one returns enriched and wishes for a return to a childhood growing up and learning in such verdant surroundings For the tourist the Bolpur town also in a treasure trove of arts and crafts of the weavers and painters. INTRICATELY CARVED WOODWORK , ALONG WITH BATIK IN LEATHER AND CLOTH AND THE MOST FAMOUS KATHA STITCHED EMBROIDERED CLOTH can make ones pocket empty within no time. No regrets however as you are investing in a slice of culture of West Bengal.

Above comments were sent by Ms. Shoma, Jaipur (shomad@rediffmail.com)


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