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Approx Time


 Consultation Fee & Divya Darshan of Teeth

15-20 minutes


I- Conservative Treatment / Endodontia

(A) Temporary Filling

15 minutes

(B) Class I Reservation                 GIC
20 minutes
(C) Class V
20 minutes
(D) Pulp Capping
30 minutes
(E) RCT Per Tooth
(a) MultipleSitting 
  1 hour each for 2 day
  (b) Single Sitting

  1 hours to 2 hours for one day

(F) Apexogenesis/Apexification                           

 30 minutes for many days

(G) Re-RCT

2 hours for 2 days

  Post & Core + Crown

1 hour / 2 sittings

                             Post & Core +Crown +RCT   


1 hour +RCT time +15 minutes for cementation in     next sittings Total 4 sittings.
(H) Crown/Bridge Cementation    

15 minutes

  Ceramic Crown Repair

1 hour


II- Cosmetic Treatment

(A) Fillings (a) Class-1
20 minutes
  (b) Class-II
30 minutes
  (c) Class-III
30 minutes
  (d) Class-IV
45 minutes
   (e) Class-V
20 minutes
(B) Bleaching (a) Hospital
2 hours one day
   (b) Home
2 -3 months
(C) Smile Enhancement Consultation Case
1 hour each for
  Analysis and presentation
5 sittings
(D) Gap Closure by cosmetic filling

40 minutes

(E) Veneering (a) Composite

1 hour per tooth

  (b)  Ceramic

1 hour per tooth + cemantation time


III Tooth Jewellery

 20 minutes



Approx Time

(A) Pit 'n' Fissure Sealants
 20 minutes Tooth

Fluoride Application

 30 minutes / Tooth

V -- Periodontia

(A) Scaling & Polishing
 45 minutes each 2 settings
(B) Gingivectomy / Gingivoplasty
 1 hours
(C) Curettage & Root Planning
 1 hours
(D) Flap Perio Surgery
 2 hours
(E) Apisectomy
 2 hours
(F) Apisectomy + RCT
 2 hours + RCT Time
(G) Splinting of dislocated teeth
 20 minutes
(H) Abscess Drainage
 20 minutes
(I) Abscess Drainage Under GA
 1 hour

 VI-- Pedodonitia

(A) Temp. Restorations
 20 minutes
       Class 1 Restoration  GIC  
 20 minutes
(B) ClassV                            GIC
 20 minutes


(a)   Deciduous
 15-30 minutes
          (b)  Permanent
 15-30 minutes
          (c)  Root Stumps
 15-30 minutes
(D) Scaling & Polishing
  45 minutes
(E) Root Canal Treatment        (a)  Deciduous
 1 hour
        RCT       (b)  Permanent
 1 hour/ 2 sittings
(F) Removable Ortho appliance
 30 minutes
(G) Space Maintainers
 30 minutes

VII --Prosthodontia

 20 minutes / 2 sittings
(B) Complete denture
 5-6 sittings for 1 hour
       (a)   Metal Crown
 1 hours + 15 minutes

     (b)   Metal Ceramic

  "      "
  "      "
              metal ceramic
  "      "
  "      "
       (c)   Full Ceramic
  "      "
       (d)   Metal Caramic
  "      "
(A) Re Post Core 'n' Crown
 2 hours

VIII -- Oral Surgery

(A) Extractions
 15-30 minutes
(B) Impactions
(C) Fractures  
(D) Maxillo Facial Surgery

IX Oral Radiology

(A) IOPA X-Ray
  (a) Nominal Film
  (b) Digital

XI Orthodontia

       Fixed Treatment

XI Dental Implants

 1 hour implant 3sittings

XI Visiting Consultant of other  specialties Fees



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