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Goa is also known as Goa Dourada (Golden Goa). It is quite possible to spend an entire holiday on Goa’s idyllic beaches. The 131 km long coastline of Goa is studded with some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Many of the beaches have well developed beach resorts which enable you to combine the comforts of a furnished cottage with the enjoyment of the outdoors like walking, sunbathing and swimming. Goa’s beaches have a magic all their own and the experience is qui te unforgettable. Some of the famous beaches in Goa are the Miramar beach, Calangute and Baga beach, Candolim beach, Anjuna and Vagator beach, Colva beach, Benaulim beach, Bogmalo beach and Betul beach.

Miramar Beach

The Miramar beach is situated in Panaji, the capital of Goa. This beach is located on the road to the rocky promontory of Donapaula.

Calangute and Baga Beach

Calangute and Baga Beach are situated to the north of Panaji, near the Malpuca town. These two beaches stretches for more than 7 kms. of golden sands. Calangute beach is the most popular beach in Goa. In the morning, the tourists can walk along the beach as the rising sun rays fall upon the sea and wouldn’t be able to know the difference between the sea and the sands. In the morning, they will be greeted by the bracing breeze and the sight of fishermen taking in the morning’s catch. Later in the day, Calangute witnesses considerable activity as the offshore stretch from Calangute to Baga beach is dotted with eating places. In the evening, you can visit any of the eating places and also discover the ambiance of old style Portuguese culture merging with modern Goa. The Baga beach is a secluded and pleasant beach with good recreational facilities like river cruises, water skiing, yachting and fishing. There are various resorts, hotels and cottages that are located at these beaches.

Candolim Beach

Candolim Beach is situated to the south of Calangute Beach. This peaceful beach is one of the lesser known beaches of Goa.

Anjuna Beach

The Anjuna Beach is mainly known for its free culture. Swaying palms, sandy coves and an unspoilt tranquility marks the Anjuna Beach. Anjuna beach was once the playing ground of the flower children or fugitives from Western civilization and still retains memories of those carefree days.

Chaopra or Vagator Beach

Chaopra or Vagator Beach is situated about 3 kms. away from Anjuna Beach. The beautiful stretches of sand are strikingly beautiful and irresistible. A canopy of dense coconut plantations sets the backdrop for the ramparts of Chapora Fort that dominates the surroundings from the top of the rocky hill.

Colva Beach

The Colva Beach is the most beautiful beach situated in the Southern Goa. The Colva Beach is also known as the Queen of the beaches of Goa. 40 kms. of uninterrupted white sand, fringed with swaying palms and calm turquoise waters marks the extents of Colva beach. Finding a stretch of beach is easy here, as only some parts of this beach have been properly developed. In the moonlight, the water here takes on a magical luminescence, adding to the wonder of this loveliest Goa’s beach. There are various small and five star hotels like the Goa Renaissance Resort and the Leela Beach Resort here.

Benaulim Beach

The Benaulim Beach is also situated in South Goa. The Benaulim is a pretty fishing village, with quaint old Portuguese houses and a secluded beach. The family house accommodation is also available here, which gives a terrific insight into the local tradition.

Arambol and Terekol Beach

Arambol and Terekol Beach are the northern most beaches of Goa. The Terekol beach has a wonderful fort which has now been converted into a rest house and a small church.

Bogmalo Beach and Majorda Beach

The Bogmalo Beach is one of the irresistible beach of Goa. It is a secluded, crescent shaped cove. The Sarovar Park Plaza Resort is also located at this beach. The Majorda Beach is located to the south of the Bogmalo Beach. This beach has one of the finest Majorda Beach Resort.

Sinquerim Beach

The Sinquerim Beach has a magnificent 17th century fort which has now been converted into a prison. It is one of the best beaches in Goa with international class facilities for water skiing, parasailing, fishing, scuba diving and wind surfing. The Fort Aguada Beach Resort, Taj Holiday Village and the Aguada Hermitage are the various hotels which are situated on the hillside, overlooking the sea.

Betul Beach

The Betul Beach is the secluded, magical beach and offers a wonderful view of the sea. It is one of the southernmost beach in Goa. The Betul beach is situated in the estuary of the Sal river where it flows into the Arabian Sea. A jetty form the water’s edge leads to a gaily-festooned cluster of fishing boats, each brightly coloured. When the catch comes in, the little harbour buzzes with the happy sound of fishermen returning to unload their vessels. Sorpotel, pork vindaloo, apa de camarao, fish reichiad (with masala sauce), prawn balchao, ambot tik, stuffed crabs, kishmar, xacutti and chicken cafreal are some of the gourmet delights in Betul. There are various lodges where the tourists can have a comfortable stay.


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