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India Festivals Tours - Travel to Indian Festivals

(Fairs and Festivals of India - Diwali - Holi - Gangaur - Teej Festival in Rajasthan)

India is a land of diversities. The people of every faith and religion live in unity and as well as celebrate various festivals in the country. In no other country of the world are people so frequently motivated by a religious urge to travel as in India. Fortunately for the Hindus, most of their places of pilgrimage are at scenic places in the Himalayas or near the sea or rivers. There is perhaps not a single day in the Indian calendar when a festival or fair is not celebrated in such a vast country with varied religions. There are some national festivals which are celebrated all over India like Makar Sankranti, Republic Day, Independence Day, Desert Festival, Holi, Raksha Bandhan, Independence Day, Janmashtami, Marwar Festival, Dussehra, Pushkar Fair, Diwali and Christmas. On January 26, Republic Day is celebrated with a massive parade of the Army, Navy and the Air Force displaying latest military hardware. It reflects the pride, glory and joy of the independent India. Then, there are festivals for all occasions which include colour festivals, festivals to celebrate change of seasons, festivals connected with the harvesting or sowing of crops, etc. Every happy occasion calls for a celebration accompanied with dance and music. But the various festivals are not celebrated by everyone in the country. Besides these, there are festivals associated with pilgrimages. Hindu, Buddhist, Jain and Sikh pilgrim centers are located almost in every corner of India attracting millions of devotees travelling from one part of the country to another. For instance, the KUMBH MELA (celebrated every 12 years) at HARIDWAR or PRAYAG (Allahabad) attracts a few million people each time. While the dates of the national festivals are known, other festivals follow the lunar calendar and the dates change almost every year. However, the dates do not differ too much.
If you plan to include an Indian festival in your itinerary, please check its date with our Indo Vacations Team. We would be delighted to make your trip to India a more enjoyable and fulfilling experience. The Indo Vacations Team keeps itself updated with the dates of the several festivals which are known to us in advance. Given below is a month-wise list of the various festivals celebrated in the Land of diversities
India Festivals Tours........

* Festival in Rajasthan
Experience the vibrant Fairs and Festivals of Rajasthan during your royal journey aboard the Palace on Wheels. As the Palace on Wheels chugs through the heart.. More...

* Festival in Bhutan
Bhutan festival and event calendar is most accurate to the possible. Bhutanese Festival date are mostly based on Bhutanese Lunar calendar and so the festival...

*Festival in Himachal Pradesh
People of Himachal Pradesh love their festivals and participate in all fairs and festivals with gusto and enthusiasm....


* Festival in Nepal
There are more than 50 major festivals and lots of events in a year celebrated in Nepal. Festivals in Nepal begin with religion, ending as social event. Although....
More ...

* Festival in Arunachal
Festivals form an essential aspect of Socio-Cultural life of the people of Arunachal Pradesh. As a matter of fact festivals of Arunachal Pradesh reflects the real...
More ...

* Festival in Nagaland
Nagaland Situated at the easternmost part of the country is replete with festivities all through the year as all the tribes have their own festivals which they hold...
More ...


* Festival in Andhra Pradesh
Andhra Pradesh is noted for its cosmopolitan nature and varied customs and culture prevalent in the state. Many festivals of various communities are... More ...

* Festival in Ladakh
The festivals of Ladakh are usually celebrated in winter months. It is time when the whole village gather together. Stalls are erected and goods of daily need and More ...

* Festival in Tibet
If you plan your tour of Tibet well, not only will you be able to see the pristine beauty of the region, you could also participate in the numerous highly colorful More ...


* Festival in Sikkim
The fairs and festivals in Sikkim are celebrated according to Buddhist calendar. During these festivals the people of Sikkim perform colorful dance and music.
 More ...

* Festival in Uttranchal
Uttaranchal is a home to several temples and also a place where many festivals are celebrated with much enthusiasm. The presence of major pilgrimage centers
 More ...

* Festival in Jammu & Kashmir
Jammu and Kashmir celebrates several festivals. The festive season begins with Lohri which marks the end of the cold season. Dance and music goes on for several More ...


* Festival in Assam
Assam is a land of fairs and festivals. Most of the festivals celebrated in Assam characterize the spirit of accommodation and togetherness in the diverse More...

* Festival in Orissa
Orissa is more often addressed as the land of festivities. And when it’s the time for celebration, people sing and dance to the tunes of music. It is the enthusiasm More...

* Festival in Uttar Pradesh
Uttar Pradesh has been traditionally celebrating various festivals of several religions with much enthusiasm Holi is one of their main festivals and continues for


* Festival in West Bengal
West Bengal is a land of festivals. There is a popular saying in Bengali ‘‘Baro Mase Tero Parban’: it literally means thirteen festivals in twelve months. Almost More...

* Festival in Bihar
Ancient Vediv Religion Festivities of Bihar are steeped in history that has no means to fathom. Moreover, history is not always written by historians but by people More...

* Festival in Chhattisgarh
More than the states we have in India, the double or you can even say thrice the number of Fairs and Festivals we have that we can celebrate, showing the rich More...

* Festival in Jharkhand
Jharkhand celebrates its rich culture and rituals with a number of fairs and festivals. This is the reason for frequent fairs and festivals across the state. More...

* Festival in Madhya Pradesh
Fairs and Festivals in Madhya Pradesh: Madhya Pradesh is home to some of the most beautiful fairs and festivals in central India. Here are religious festivals More...

* Festival in Maharashtra
The Maharashtrians are a vibrant, earthy people for whom life itself is a celebration. Small wonder then that all festivals in Maharashtra are celebrated with abundant More...


* Festival in Punjab
Uttaranchal is a home to several temples and also a place where many festivals are celebrated with much enthusiasm. The presence of major pilgrimage centers
 More ...

* Festival in Gujarat
Festivals in Gujarat are celebrated with great gusto and religious sentiment. They promote unity and feeling of brotherhood. Festivals of Gujarat are extremely
 More ...

* Festival in Goa
Goa has a rich cultural history and being a part of India itself means having a kaleidoscope of festivals. This small sate of India was under the Portugal rule, Mughal
 More ...


* Festival in Karnataka
Karnataka has a multi-religious and a multi-cultural population. Hence a variety of festivals are held in the state. Karnataka like most of its southern neighbors has....
 More ...

* Festival in Kerala
India is a land of fairs and festivals and Kerala is no exception to this. Besides the major festivals that are celebrated across India, there are numerous local festivals More ...

* Festival in Tamilnadu
A calendar year for Tamil Nadu is dotted with some really colorful and culturally important festivals and that too a lot of them. The traditions of olden times are still very
More ...

India Festivals Tours........

Monthwiese Fair and Festivals in India

-: In January :-

Republic Day 26 January
Makar Sankranti Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan
Lohri Punjab
Pongal Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh
Float Festival Tamil Nadu
National Kite Festival Gujarat
Kerala Village Fair Kerala
Camel Festival Bikaner
Pattadakal Dance Festival Karnataka
Id-ul-Fitter Across the country

-: In February :-

Mahashivaratri Across the country
Vasant Panchami North India, West Bengal 
Desert Festival Jaisalmer
Goa Carnival Goa
Nagaur Fair Nagaur
International Yoga Week Rishikesh
Elephant Festival Jaipur
Deccan Festival Hyderabad
Taj Mahotsav Agra
Surajkund Crafts Mela New Delhi
Chapchar Kut Mizoram
Island Tourism Festival Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Port Blair

-: In March :-

Holi North India
Gangaur Festival Rajasthan
Ramanavami Across the country
Id-ul-Zuha Across the country
Khajuraho Dance Festival Madhya Pradesh
Hoysala Mahotsava Karnataka
Ellora Festival Maharashtra

-: In April :-

Baisakhi Punjab
Mahavir Jayanti Across the country
Gudi Padva or Ugadi Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka
Pooram Kerala
Muharram Across the country
Buddha Purnima North India
Mewar Festival Rajasthan
Good Friday and Easter Across the country
Meenakshi Temple Feast Madurai

-: In May :-

Birthday of Tagore 08 May
Ajmer Urs Rajasthan

-: In June :-

Mango Festival Uttar Pradesh
International Flower Festival Sikkim
Hemis Festival Ladakh

-: In July :-

Rathyatra Orissa
Guru Purnima Across the country

-: In August :-

Independence Day 15 August
Janamashtami Across the country
Onam Kerala
Nag Panchami West Bengal, Maharashtra, South India
Rakshabandhan North India
Ganesh Chaturthi Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka
Teej Rajasthan

-: In September :-

Tarnetar Mela Gujarat

-: In October :-

Birthday of Mahatma Gandhi 02 October
Durga-Puja Bengal
Navratri Across the country
Dussehra Across the country
Marwar Festival Jodhpur

-: In November :-

Birthday of Guru Nanak Punjab
Sharad Purnima Across the country
Diwali Across the country
Ka Pomblang Nongrem Meghalaya
Sonepur Fair Bihar
Pushkar Fair Pushkar
Hampi Festival Hampi

-: In December :-

Christmas 25 December
Konark Dance Festival Orissa

India Festivals Tours........

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