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How to Reach India

Most of the tourists visit India by air, though they can reach it by sea or road also. Till the mid seventies, about 10% of visitors to India came through the Asian highway via Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. But now, this is becoming increasingly difficult because of disturbances in some countries en route.

India by Air

India has direct air links with all the major continents. About 98 per cent of foreign visitors travel to India by air. The major international airports are located at Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata. These international airports are well served by over 50 international airlines like Aeroflot, Air Canada, Air France, British Airways, Delta Airlines, Ethopian Airlines, Emirates, Gulf Air, Kuwait Airways, Lufthansa, etc. Various facilities are available at these airports which are adequate and are quiet improved. 

India By Air

Air India is the national carrier of India and flies on the international routes and shares about 30% of inbound and outbound traffic. The Indian Airlines connects various destinations within India and the neighboring countries.  The airlines offers a variety of special fares like Discover India fares, India Wonder fares, Youth fares and family fares to  encourage the tourist travel within the country.

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India By Sea

India By Sea

Some of the tourists also visit to India by sea. Passenger liners now no longer operate to India. But, Mumbai, Margoa, Cochin and Chennai are the major sea ports in India where luxury liners stop from all over the world. These liners visit India between October and March. Some freighters too offer passage to India. Excellent accommodation and food is also available on these ships. Some of the shipping companies are the Shipping Corporation of India, the American President Line, the British India Steam Navigation Company and Lloyd Triestine.


India By Road

Traveling by road can be an exciting and rewarding experience. The visitors will be able to view the countryside and also know that how people in villages live and work. India has a wide network of good and metalled roads, which are over 2 million km. in length. The government plays a very important role in laying the roads. The roads that connect various states have been classified as National Highways, the State Highways or the roads maintained by local bodies. These roads are  generally in not that good condition. Now, some of the national highways are being converted from two-lane to four-lane highways. While driving on a highway, one can find different kinds of vehicles on the road like bullock carts, tractors, three or two-wheeler vehicles, cars, buses, truck, etc. On rural roads, you can drive for miles without any traffic but the traffic on the roads in urban areas is very noisy and may irritate the traveller so better to be prepared.

India By Rail

The most pleasant mode of traveling in India is by train. The train journey provides a memorable experience to the people. During your journey, you will pass through varied landscapes, different cultures and tradition of people. The Indian Railways is the second largest and Asia’s largest railway system in the world. About 65,000 kms of tracks have been laid between 7000 stations. About more than 11000 trains run every day which carries over ten million passengers. The Indian railways also offers diverse tourist routes, beautiful hotels on the wheels with the five-star facilities and the India-rail passes, which are ideal for the extensive trouble free tours across the country. Some of the famous trains in India are the Palace on Wheels, The Royal Orient, The Rajdhani Express, the Shatabdi Express, the Taj Express, the Pinkcity Express and the toy trains that operate in the hill stations. The Indian railways also runs special charter trains on demand. The booking for the trains can be made at the respective reservation offices of the Railways, which are present all over the country. The booking for the trains can also be made at the Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai international airports.

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