11 Days Horse Safari Tour: Delhi, Jodhpur, Luni, Satlana, Ghana, Karmavas, Asotra, Balotra (Tilwara), Jodhpur, Delhi

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11 Days Horse Safari Tour
(11 Days / 10 Nights)
(Delhi-Jodhpur-Luni-Satlana-Ghana-Karmavas-Asotra-Balotra (Tilwara)-Jodhpur-Delhi)

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In the 11 Days Horse Safari Tour, you will have horse safari from Jodhpur to Tilwara, the heartland of the famous Marwari horse. This safari recreates the age-old charm of horseback travel. Let your senses sway to the romance of the desert as you pass forts, palaces and other historical landmarks, deserts and plains.

Day 1: Flight to India (Delhi)
Around midnight arrival in
Delhi. The cosmopolitan city and capital New Delhi is the main gateway for the travellers to India. Upon arrival, you will be met by an Indo Vacations representative and transferred to the hotel.

Day 2: Delhi - Jodhpur (by air)
In the morning transfer to the airport for the flight to
Jodhpur. Jodhpur was once the capital of the princely state of Marwar (Land of death). Jodhpur is the second largest city in Rajasthan. Jodhpur is also known as the blue city as most of the houses of the old city are painted blue. The old city is surrounded by a huge 10 km long wall which has 101 bastions and seven gates. Jodhpur lies on the once strategic Delhi-Gujarat trading route and the marwaris got benefit from the passing traffic of opium, copper, silk which was traded to China. Upon arrival, You will be met by an Indo Vacations representative and transferred to your Hotel. After having lunch you will drive to the base camp where the horses and safari team have arrived from Nawalgarh. The tourists will be welcomed with folk music. The safari leader will help the guests to pick and choose their horses. Return to hotel for dinner.

Day 3: Jodhpur
Today, you will visit the
Mehrangarh Fort (majestic fort). Mehrangarh Fort was built on a steep hill and is among the best in India with exquisitely latticed windows in residential apartments within. We also visit the Jaswant Thada, a royal cenotaph built in white marble. After the sightseeing you will have a walk through the Bazaars of Jodhpur and later drive to the base camp for riding in the countryside.

Day 4: Jodhpur - Luni - Satlana
In the morning you will drive to the base camp to start your horse safari. The ride will goes through dry flat area. The lunch halt will be in a small rain catchment area besides a temple to folk divinity ‘mamoji’. During the safari you will pass through many settlements of the Bishnoi community who have made environmental protection as their religion. Then you will ride through flat arid region and reach the dry riverbed of the Luni. Here, you can enjoy the performance of the camps folk musicians. Overnight stay in deluxe luxury camp.

Day 5: Satlana - Ghana
Today, you will go upstream in the large expanse of the dry Luni riverbed. Being very sandy, the the ride will be very slow and pass through villages and dry scrub country. Before reaching the camp, you will cross about 8 to 9 kms of protected bush land which is the protectorate of the Ramdeoji Temple. Overnight stay in the camp.

Day 6: Ghana - Karmavas
Today, the safari will take you through flat dry desert land arid but not sandy. On the way you will come across the clean and well-maintained clay houses of the villagers. As you will reach the camp site, the low hills of the Aravali ranges will be visible on the horizon and typical desert flora can be seen. Overnight in Camp.

Day 7: Karmavas - Asotra
Today you will pass the hills and acacia clusters and the Mangala village. The lunch spot will be in the backdrop of the hillock facing the dry Luni riverbed. After Lunch ride on to Asotra. Around Asotra, an aquifer created by the ancient saraswati river basin from 2000 BC has been discovered. As a result farmers pump water by electric pumps and raise crops. Overnight stay in the camp.

Day 8: Asotra - Balotra (Tilwara)
Today you will have horse safari to Balotra. On the route you will have lunch just beyond Jasol. In the evening reach Tilwara and enjoy the campfire and folk entertainment in the camp. It was here many centuries ago that the famous ruler Mallinathji ruled. He is worshipped as a divinity. The temple of Mallinathji is located on the opposite bank of the river Luni from Tilwara village. Every year in the first fortnight of the Hindu month of "Chaitra" a large fair is held here. Horses, camels, bullocks and donkeys come to the fair. The fair according to the Christian calendar falls in the month of March or April. People from various states come here to purchase animals. This fair is much larger then the famous Pushkar or Nagaur fair. At sunset and sunrise there is spectacular display of horse rider on the flat riverbed.

Day 9: Balotra
In the morning and evening enjoy the horse ride. In the evening have campfire and folk entertainment. Overnight stay in the camp.

Day 10: Balotra
In the morning and evening enjoy the horse ride. In the evening have campfire and folk entertainment. Overnight stay in the camp.

Day 11: Balotra - Jodhpur - Delhi (by air)
In the morning enjoy the horse ride. After lunch drive to Jodhpur. Later transfer to airport for flight to Delhi.

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