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Dakshinkali Temple
About Dakshinkali Temple

Dakshin Kali Temple is one of the main temples of Nepal dedicated to the goddess Kali. It is situated 22 kilometres (14 mi) outside Kathmandu and about 1 kilometre (0.6 mi) outside the village of Pharping. Animal sacrifices, mainly of cockerels and uncastrated male goats, are the main way that the goddess is worshipped, and this is particularly seen during the Dashain festival.

On Tuesdays and Saturdays, un-castrated male animals, mainly goats and roosters, are brought to the temple to be sacrificed to Kali. Not for the faint of heart, a visit on these days allows you to observe the steady stream of worshippers bringing their animals to the river where they're quickly killed and butchered. The animal remains are either taken home or cooked up outside the temple in a great feast.

Non-Hindus are not permitted inside the temple itself, but can take pictures of the exterior and shop at the stalls lining the path that leads to the temple. While the sacrifices may be amazing and attractive they are sacred to those performing them, so it's important to be respectful and cautious when observing or taking photographs. A hiking and a short trekking experience in Dakshinkali is treasured by the many tourists coming to this place.

Significance of Dakshinkali temple

Dakshinkali temple is of huge significance among those who need her blessing and also among the blessed ones. There is a strong believe in the ability of goddess to make wishes come true. Here wishes are made in front of the goddess with sacrifice of animals particularly of cockerels and uncastrated male goats. Among thousand of visitors we can see lovers, businessman, children, students, job seekers , sick, etc. On Tuesday and Saturday and particularly during the festival of Dashain, the court yard of temple is covered with blood of sacrifice and goddess Kali is bathed with the blood.

Location of Dakshinkali temple

Dakshinkali temple is located along a river in a forested valley in the mountains south of the Valley, Dakshinkali temple is dedicated to the Shiva's consort goddess Kali in her most bloodthirsty embodiment. Kali, also known as the Dark Mother, is the Hindu goddess of empowerment, time and change. At this temple, her bloodlust is satisfied twice a week when people come to sacrifice uncastrated male goats, chickens, buffaloes, and other such animals. The image of Kali at the temple is of black stone, has six arms, and is trampling a male figure. When major festivals roll around, like Dasain, the temple becomes awash with blood, and thus it becomes fairly a tourist attraction. Devotees from Kathmandu and around Nepal journey here twice a week to satisfy the bloodlust of this violent goddess.

By the way the sight of narrow way between mountains is attracted and it is worth while to walk down and across the old suspension bridge, throwing a glance down into the very narrow and deep gap. In the middle part of village of Pharping lies the amusing spot known as Sheka Narayan. There is a pond filled with crystal clear water and lots of gold fish types fishes swimming around. Dakshinkali temple is few minutes of driving from Pharping. Goddess is situated at the bottom of the hill in the temple of Dakshinkali. People can also be enjoy with friends and families in this place. This place is essential with more entertainment as well as holy place. People believe that if we pray to the goddess and offer sacrifice our enemies will demise and we will be victories in our way, and lots of other people do make their wishes to goddess. This place is really good if you once visit you will never forget lifetime.

History of Dakshinkali temple

It is said that Dakshinkali came to an existence after goddess Kali herself appeared in the dream of a Malla king, the ruler of 14th century. Goddess kali then commanded the king to build a temple dedicating her in a very unknown strange place. As the command was about to be followed immediately, a person said that he had already sort out a stone image of the goddess kali in the same place where goddess kali commanded the king to built the temple. The image was then left open with the elements as she commanded over her head a gilded cover was kept erect with four golden serpents. Also images of lord Ganesh , seven Asthamatrikas and a stone Bhairav near by her images.

How to Reach Dakshinkali temple

Dakshinkali Temple is located 22 km outside Kathmandu Valley and 1 km outside the village of Pharping.

The road to DakshinKali is in a good condition but it is uphill all the way. Dakshinkali is about a 45-minute taxi ride from Kathmandu. Public transportation to the Dakshinkali is available but it is little bit crowded. The public buses run from the Old Buspark, Ratnapark and the minibuses leave from Near Martyr's Gate.


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