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India as a Medical Destination

Besides being the land of the Taj, the land of the Raj, the land of culture, the land of tradition, the land of spiritualism, India  can   also be  called the land of healing. Contemporary India is second to none when it comes to providing health care  facilities. And  this has become  possible because of the emergence of the private sector in a big way in the health sector.  Also as a result of  this the medical help in India is  now comparable to the best in the world. India is an ideal stop for  treatment because of various  factors like world-class hospitals, stat-of-the-
art technology, competent doctors, and  professional management, top quality nurses and paramedical staff and all this is on offer  at  comparatively lower prices  making it economical as well. 
More and more people are realizing that India is the place to come to for treatment, if you’re looking for reliable and  economical    treatment.  The price factor is a major plus as far as India is concerned. It has been noticed that the cost of  getting yourself    treated is below 30 - 40 %    per cent of what it costs in the some developed countries. This becomes very evident when you     notice that the average cost of a cardiac    surgery at the best hospital in India costs much lesser in USA , Europe or even if     compared with some other Asian Countries. This coupled    with the fact  that cardiac surgery in India has a success rate of 98.5    per cent, which is comparable to the best institutions in the world,  is    certainly a major benefit. Hospitals in the major metros of     India have already recorded an increasing  per cent of international patient flow.   These patients are mostly from neighbouring and    South East Asian countries. And these figures are expected  to grow much more in the    near future.
You can come to India for specific treatment or for a regular medical check-up. And even if you’ve come to India on  business or  for  leisure  purposes and you fall ill, there’s no need to panic. Most of the top hospitals are centrally located in  major Indian  cities,  are easily  accessible  and are capable of looking after you well. And as far as rural India is concerned  ever though the  infrastructure might not be world  -class, the medical attention is prompt with a competent doctor available  even in the remotest  corners of country.
And for those who plan to get a regular medical check – up done, India is an ideal place to be. With its numerous other  attractions, one can  come here with its numerous other attractions; one can come here with the family and combine the  medical  check-up with a pleasure trip  for  the family. All the major cities have good star categories hotels, which can play host to your  family while you undergo treatment or a  medical check-up. And there are a number of immensely popular attractions to make  sure  that neither you nor your family gets bored.
Besides advancement in various systems of modern medicine, India also has a rich heritage in the areas of traditional or  natural  medicines. Alternative or traditional systems of medicine operate on the principles of holism – they consider the human body as a  synthesis of its  physical, mental and spiritual dimensions. Most alternative systems of medicine too, be  it acupuncture, aromatherapy, astrotherapy, meditation, ayurveda, Unani medicine, mud therapy, physiotherapy, pranic  therapy, reiki, silva   method, Tibetan medicine, and many more.
Of late India has also become an important destination for medical conferences. Major international medical conference  on  Ophthalmology, oral Cancer, etc. were held in India with many more on the anvil.

 Dental Treatments in India at the selected Locations

India is rapidly emerging as a favoured destination for various medical treatments with the availability of world class facilities and low cost of treatments. We are offering you the facility for Dental treatment at two widely popular tourist destinations - Goa and Jaipur. Our Endeavour always is to offer you comprehensive dental treatment in a relaxed and stylish surroundings.
You can have complete confidence in the quality of the dental treatment rendered to you by the well qualified and learned Dentists and other staff members at both the locations. The doctors are very friendly and treat patients politely and with respect, in recognition of their dignity and rights as individuals and proceeds the treatment with your complete consent.
You will find the dental clinics well equipped and capable to provide you complete dental and oral care with the leading edge technology in use. The finest laboratory backup adds up to the clinical results. The clinics meet the stringent regulations laid down by the local health authorities regarding cross infection and sterilization control.
You will get personalized attention and care as the doctors spend quality time with each new patient, as they believe that each person is unique. Finding out your concerns on specific problems and specific preferences help them to deliver  treatment that best suit your needs. The goal of their practice is to provide and deliver you the treatment choices that meet your needs and offer the best possible alternatives for your health and enjoyment.
Opt India for your next Dental treatment and we assure you the hassle free treatment. Please allow us to mention that there is no waiting time for any kind of Dental treatment at our associated hospitals. Our Doctors and Nurses are available during the odd / late hours if required. Our Doctors will also visit you at home in case of any emergency occur. We also arrange paying guest facilities with the local families which again reduces in the total cost of your stay and taken treatment and you are taken care in the homely atmosphere.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Discolored Teeth || Spaces between teeth (Diastemas) || Worn Teeth || Irregularly Shaped Teeth ||

 Fractured Teeth || Display of Too Much Gum Tissue || Display of Too Much Root Surface ||

Irregular Smile || Display of Too Little Tooth Structure || Teeth Appear Too Long || Teeth Not Straight ||

Teeth Not Present || A few missing teeth.

Solutions and restorations

Sensitive to sweets || Sensitive to cold || Sensitive to heat  || Sensitive to pressure || Hole in the tooth ||

Tooth restoration fell out || Loose filling || Bad taste while sucking || Dark spots || Foul odour || Notches at Gumline

Smile Design

Bleaching || Micro-abrasion || Tooth Re-contouring || Veneers

Other Treatments

Crowns & Bridges || Root canal || Denture || Tooth structure restoration || Gum disease and other problems || Dental Implants

Some Pictures of our associate Dental Hospital in Jaipur

Some Pictures of our associate Dental Hospital in Goa

 More Details About Dental Treatment ...

Medi Care In India :Treatment Offered

Cardiac Care  || Bone Marrow Transplant || Dialysis and Kidney Transplant || Neurosurgery & Trauma Surgery || Joint Replacement Surgery|| Vascular Surgery  || Refractive Surgery || Nuclear Medicine || Cosmetic Surgery  || Urology || Osteoporosis || Gynecology & Obstetrics || Health Check – Up


Hospitals In India

All India Institute of Medical Sciences Delhi  || Apollo Hospitals || Apollo Cancer Hospital Chennai || B.M. Birla Heart Research Center Calcutta || Christian Medical Collage - Vellore  || Indraprastha Medical Corporation Delhi || Tata Memorial Hospital

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