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About Khuri

Khuri is a small village which is about 40 kms southwest of Jaisalmer Ė an hour and a world away from the fortís swarming trade. Khuri has its own desert sand dunes, and it remains a peaceful place apart from during holiday periods, as itís popular with Indian holidaymakers, with houses of mud and straw which are decorated like the patterns on Persian carpets. There are abundance of camps of mud huts, and camel drivers who are eager to take you on the dunes, but no shop-lined streets or pancake restaurants. Once the excitement of sunset is over, there is desert solitude and the brilliant star-studded sky at night to look forward to.

Some tourists prefer places which are not too crowded. When travelling to Rajasthan, there are some places which are less crowded as Rajasthan is a brand ambassador for Indian travel and tourism around the world. When it comes to Desert Safari, which is preferred by tourists from all over the world , noone really expect it to be aloof. Luckily, Rajasthan provides that place too because the land can just not afford to make you upset at any point. Khuri Village is one such area which is not much crowded and gives the real feel of desert life having great Khuri Sand Dunes. It can be very well opted as Sam Sand Dunes are far more crowded than Khuri. 40 kms off the town, Khuri is a perfect place for those who want solitude in the desert. It is a perfect traditional village with clusters of thatched roof houses where people still keep in their traditional dresses. Witness the rolling sand dunes which border the village.

The village carries a unique charm that makes it distinct from the other tourist destinations in Rajasthan. Narrow streets of the villages are lined with shops selling local handcrafted items and food is a site to watch. Itís the perfect place to witness the fascinating desert and the romance of comprehensive sand dunes. Stay at Khuri village is sure to be an enriching experience for everyone that will cherish one for the rest of life.

At Khuri Village, there is a perfect opportunity to experience the romance of desert in the most fascinating way. One will have an opportunity to experience the hospitality that is so much associated with Rajasthan. People greet you with so much love and affection that you forget that you are meeting them for the first time and the warmth of the hospitality will melt your heart.. It will be the most unique and personal way to experience the culture of Rajasthan. The village carries a unique charm that makes it distinct from the other tourist destinations in Rajasthan. Narrow streets of the villages are lined with shops selling local handcrafted items and food is a site to observe.

Location of Khuri Village

Khuri Village is located about 45 kms east of Jaisalmer, it is a traditional village with clusters of Thatch roof houses, People still living in their traditional attire bordering the village are rolling sand dunes for miles together.

Khuri village is surrounded by huge desert hills. Feel the real romance underneath the starlit night at Khuri. Explore the exotic sand dunes on a camel back to witness the amazing Sunset behind the Golden desert- An experience to Remember.

Camel Ride / Camel Safari in Khuri Village 

Camel Ride or Camel Safari on these Dunes is a life time Experience. The thar desert is the second biggest desert in the world which spreads from Sriganganagar to Barmer belt of about 1000 Kms and Jaisalmer lies in between. Khuri Village is surrounded by Desert Hills. It is becoming a popular destination to those who are in search of traditional village life and wish to spend a night in thatched Huts. Opt for a camel ride and the camel will itself take you to the deeper deserts which will surely fascinate tourists. Ride on to take a closer look of the local life, houses made with mud and thatched straw roofs and the village life. One could also taste some Rajasthani cuisine and say goodbye to the beautiful crimson red sand dunes. The ocean of sands where there is nothing and no one in sight just except the sweeping sands is in itself a breathtaking scene and will surely evoke an array of feelings inside you. Camel ride is one unique experience which you must surely have.

How To Reach Khuri Village 

By Rail
Jaisalmer is connected to major cities of India through broad gauge as well as meter gauge railway tracks. Direct trains to Jaisalmer are available from Jodhpur as well as Delhi. Jaisalmer is connected through both 'Broad gauge' as well as 'Meter gauge' tracks. One can also travel to Jaisalmer by Palace on Wheels.

By Road

Jaisalmer is well connected to the rest of state by well-maintained roads. Deluxe & Ordinary buses of Rajasthan Roadways & Private companies operate form Jaisalmer to Jodhpur, Jaipur, Bikaner, Barmer, Mount Abu, Jalore, Ahmedabad etc, Roadways main bus stand opposite Railway station & Golden bus terminal near State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur, Shiv road, Jaisalmer are the two major bus stands.

By Air
Jaisalmer is not directly connected to Airways as such, Jodhpur airport which is about 300 kms away is the nearest airport. Jodhpur is connected to all the major metros of India by government owned as well as private airlines. From Jodhpur you can hire Cabs or take a train journey according to oneís wish and preference.



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