India Telephone Codes, STD Codes, Dialing Codes
Telephone Dialing Code (STD Code) for Cities in India
We have prepared a list of Telephone Codes  (STD Codes) of Indian Cities below. Please click the alphabet by which the city names starts and look for the city !

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City Name Starting With " L "

City STD Code City STD Code
L M D Colony (0)872283 Lakhimpur Kheri (0)5872
Lakkundi (0)8372 Lalitpur (0)5178
Lalsat (0)141 Lamphalpet (0)3852
Latur (0)2474 Laxmiposi (0)6792
Lepakshi (0)855682 Limkheda (0)2677
Lingampally (0)8413 Lingasgur (0)8537
Lohardaga (0)6526 Lokapur (0)83542
Lonawala (0)21147 Lucknow (0)522
Ludhiana (0)161    
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