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About Ungma

Ungma is a historic village which is located about 10 km south of the heart of Mokokchung town in India. Ungma is one of the most ancient Ao villages and is of great tourist interest to view the folklore, customs and traditions of Ao Naga. Ungma is one of the more developed villages in Nagaland. Ungma is the 2nd largest village in Nagaland. It is believed as the oldest and the largest of all the Ao villages. It is considered to be the birthplace of the Ao Naga tribes. The inhabitants of the village follow and preserve the Ao culture and tradition. Ungma is the 2nd largest village in Nagaland. It is believed as the oldest and the largest of all the Ao villages. It is considered to be the birthplace of the Ao Naga tribes. The natives of the village follow and preserve the Ao culture and tradition.

An old log drum, a wonderful park on its outskirts and a Baptist church are some of the famous attractions of the village. The Tsungremong and Moatsu festivals are celebrated in the village with a lot of zeal and splendour, during which the local people display traditional art forms and dances.

The village is divided into two parts, Yimpang (North) and Yimlang (South). In the heart of the village, i.e., between Yimpang andYimlang, the Baptist Church stands, which reflects the supremacy of Baptist faith in the everyday life of the village.

Legends signify the early Aos settled here first after coming from Chungliyimti before migrating to the rest of Ao areas. An old log drum in the village is worth visiting. There is also a beautiful Park on the outskirts of the village.


In recent years, both Mokokchung and Ungma have grown due to increase in population and have become one continuous settlement. It is a part of the continuous settlements from Amenyong and Khensa in the Northwest and DEF colony in the Northeast through Mokokchung and Ungma up to Alichen in the south. This has resulted in an urban agglomeration that is the third largest in the state.

With a population of 7,189 people (2001 census), Ungma is the third largest Ao village as also the third largest village in Mokokchung district. Prior to this, Ungma enjoyed the privilege of being the largest Ao village as also that of Mokokchung District. However, by 2001 census, Chuchuyimlang and Changki had overtaken Ungma in terms of population. Recent population trend also suggest that Longjang may soon overtake Ungma as the third largest Ao village.

People, culture, festivals

The people are friendly and polite. Almost the whole population is Christian. New Year and Christmas is a very good time to visit Ungma. The villagers begin to celebrate Christmas from the first week of December and continue until the new year.

Festivals Celebrated in Ungma Village are-

New Year
New Year is celebrated with great splendor and enthusiasm by all the people.

Moatsu is a festival of community bonding celebrated in May for 3 days. As a celebration villagers express their friendship for each other by exchanging gifts, making new friends, feasting, bon fire etc

Harvest festival
This is the biggest festival for the community that is celebrated immediately after the harvest of the crop. Offering prayers to God, dancing, feasting mark the festival.

Christmas is celebrated by all the converted tribes who follow Christianity.

Tsungremong is a festival of celebration, dancing, singing and frolicking

Places to Visit in Ungma Village

The Ungma Baptist Church of Ungma is the main feature of the village. This huge church building is major pilgrim destination for the Baptized Nagas.The church is situated between Yimpang and Yimlang (the two areas of the village). It reveals the dominance of Baptist faith in the everyday life of the village.Ungma Baptist Church is a major tourist spot of Mokochung district.The church received donations from the other churches and the missionaries. New Year, Christmas and other festivals are celebrated with great splendor and zeal.

The Nature Park near Ungma village is a Major Tourist Destination Of The District. The park has amazing Greenery and variety of trees. The park also has cottages where one can avail accommodation. It is a great relaxation place for tourists



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