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Festivals of Ladakh

The festivals of Ladakh are usually celebrated in winter months. It is time when the whole village gather together. Stalls are erected and goods of daily need and enjoyment are sold. The whole activity takes place around the gompas. In the courtyards of the Gompas, colourful masked dances are performed. 

This is also an occasion to demonstrate the cultural heritage as well as the wealth of that particular monastery. Big and rare musical instruments, old weapons and religious objects including Thangkas are brought out during the performances. The first ceremony of any festival is very interesting as the male Lama is accompanied by the monks. Musicians, dancers and singers in an harmony create for visitors an unforgettable experience.

Some of the popular themes includes the victory of Good over Evil or some special stories related to great Lamas where their supernatural power is demonstrated or the stories related to Guru Padmasambhava are also presented with proud. The dances are colourful. A clown plays an important role so that the villagers do not get disinterested by an overdose of religion or history so that atmosphere is joyful. The festivals are also a time for the people to have outing. Eatables are brought along and families and relatives would enjoy the meals together.

Although most of the annual festivals are celebrated in the month of January and February. There are some of the festivals which are celebrated in warmer months. Some of the festivals celebrated in Ladakh are:

Lamayuru Festival – in the Month of April or May,  Hemis Festival – End of June or in early July. Phyang Festival – in the month of July, Thikse  Festival – middle of July or in the beginning of early August.

The Team of Indo Vacations has collected the festival dates of Ladakh as below:



Year 2014

Year 2015

Spitok Gustor


January 28-29 January 18-19


Leh & Likir Monasteries

February 27-28 February 17-18
Yargon Tungshak Nubra (Yarma) March 5-6 February 23-24

Stok Guru Tse-Cue

Stok Monastery

March 10-11 February 27-28

Matho Nagrang

Matho Monastery

March 15-16 March 4-5
Saka Dawa All over Ladakh June 13 June 2
Stongday Gustor Zanskar July 15-16 July 4-5
Karsha Gustor Zanskar July 24-25 July 14-15
Sani Nasjal Zanskar August 9-10 July 30-31
Deskit Gustor Nubra October 21-22 October 10-11
Thiksay Gustor Thiksay November 9-10 October 30-31
Chemday Wangchok/Padum Chemray Monastery November 20-21 November 9-10
Galden Namchot All over Ladakh December 16 December 5
Ladakhi Losar All over Ladakh December 22 December 12

Hemis Tsechu

Hemis Monastery

July 7-8 June 26-27

Yuru Kabgyat (Lamayuru)

Lamayuru Monastery

June 24-25 June 14 -15

Zanskar Karsha Gustor

Karsha Monastery


Phyang Tsesdup

Phyang Monastery

July 24-25 July 14-15

Korzok Gustor

Tsomoriri Lake

July 30-31  July 19-20

Dakthok Tseschu

Dakthok Monastery

August 6-7 July 25-26

Sachukul Gustor

Sachukul Monastery

July 14-15 July 4-5

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