Information about Pune

Pune is a plateau which is situated at an altitude of 570 meters high in the Sahyadri hills near the west coast of India. Pune is a fascinating city with a bracing climate and healthy environment. Pune is the wonderful base to enjoy the holidays in the rugged low-lying hills, forts and horticultural and botanical gardens. It has a fine race course as well. The Ganesh festival is also celebrated here on a grand scale.

History of Pune

Poona or Pune was the capital of the powerful Maratha empire and was closely associated with the great warrior King Shivaji. Shivaji, Peshwas and Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak also carried on their activities from Pune. Later, in 1818, it was annexed by the British East India Company in the battle of Koregaon. Today, Pune is a busy, bustling town, distinctly divided into the spacious cantonment and the crowded old city, where localities are known after days in the week.

Tourist Attractions in Pune

The main tourist attractions in Pune are Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute, Bund Gardens, Central Water, Power, Irrigation and Navigation Research Institute, Chaturshringi Temple, Empress Gardens, Agha Khan Palace, National Defence Academy, Parvati Hill and Temples, Pataleshwar Caves, Vishrambag Wada, Raja Kelkar Museum and Bharat  Ittihas  Samshodhak  Mandal.

Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute
Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute was built in Oriental style in picturesque surroundings at the foot of the Law College hill. This institute has a museum which displays nearly 20,000 manuscripts collected by Bolhar, Kiehorn and Bhandarkar.

Bund Gardens
Bund Gardens are situated about 2 kms. away from the railway station. These attractive gardens are situated on the right bank of Mula Mutha river.

Central Water, Power, Irrigation and Navigation Research Institute
Central Water, Power, Irrigation and Navigation Research Institute is located below the Khadakvasla irrigation dam on the Mutha river. This institute conducts research work on local problems of land drainage, reclamation and hydro dynamics. It is known for its large scale experiments on taming of the rivers Ganga, Yamuna and Brahmaputra.

Chaturshringi Temple
Chaturshringi Temple is dedicated to the Goddess Ambreswari (Durga). During Navartra, a big fair is held in this temple.

Empress Gardens
Empress Gardens covers an area of 4 hectares of land with artistically laid out trees, flowers and other flora.

Agha Khan Palace
Mahatma Gandhi, along with his wife Kasturba and Mahadeobhai Desai, was imprisoned in the Agha Khan Place in the 1942 Quit India Movement. Now, marble memorials of Kasturba Gandhi and Mahadeobhai Desai hace been erected who died here.

National Defence Academy
National Defence Academy is situated at Khadakasla, about 17 kms. from Pune. This institute provides basic training to officer cadets of all the three branches of the defence services in the Army, Navy and Air Force.

Parvati Hill and Temples
A broad flight of 108 steely rising steps, lead to an imposing Nagarkhana drum house which is the entrance to an octagonal enclosure which houses the historical temple of Parvati and Devadeshwar. From the top one can have a panoramic view of Pune.

Pataleshwar Caves
Pataleshwar Caves are a rock cut cave temple dedicated to Pataleshwar, god of the nether world. This temple has huge pillars and a Shiva shrine with a Nandi, cut from a single rock.

Vishrambag Wada
Vishrambag Wada is a three storey mansion which is 78 meters broad and 66 meters long. Vishrambag Wada is known for its beautiful entrance, surrounded by a balcony.

Raja Kelkar Museum
Raja Kelkar Museum has a collection of rare historical exhibits like lamps, nutcrackers, musical instruments from Mughal and Maratha periods. A masterpiece among the exhibits is the Mastani Mahal which was brought and erected as it was from its original place.

Bharat Ittihas Samshodhak Mandal
Bharat Ittihas Samshodhak Mandal was devoted to historical research institute. This institute was founded in 1910 by V.K. Rajwade, a pioneer in the subject and a well known scholar. The Arts section includes more than 1400 exhibits of old paintings, illustrated manuscripts, maps and charts, Mughal, Nizamshahi and Maratha weapons, Persian and English documents.

How to get there

By Air:
The nearest airport is situated in Pune, about 8 km. from City Centre.

By Rail:
The nearest railway station is situated about 2 km. from Pune city centre..

By Road:
Pune are directly connected by road to Nasik, Thane and Kolhapur.

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