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Lohri Festival
Gochi Festival
Holi Festival
Gugga Fair
Fullaich Festival
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Himachal Festival

Himachal Pradesh is a very diverse and peaceful state in India. Various fairs and festivals are celebrated in Himachal round the year. There are about 2000 deities which are worshipped in Himachal and different fairs and festivals are held in their honour. In many parts of the Himachal the village Gods are carried on palanquins to village fairs. During these fairs and festivals, the people gather in large groups and dance on the tune of the folk songs of the Himachal. These dances symbolise the peace and joy of the people and as well as represents the true tradition and culture. Some of the festivals which are celebrated in Himachal are Baisakhi, Lohri, Himachal's Winter Carnival, Nalwari fair, Holi, Shimla's Summer Festival, Gugga fair, Fullaich Festival and Dussehra.

Lohri Festival

Lohri or Maghi festival is celebrated in the mid January. According to the traditions, this day is usually the mid winter day and also commemorates the last sowing of the Rabi crops. In this festival, there are community bonfires, folk songs and dances. The Lohri Festival is usually held to ensure fertility and prosperity. Bonfire is an integral part of the Lohri Fair that has been named after the Lohri Festival. It is a month of celebration for the people of Himachal Pradesh when new costumes are bought and amidst extensive salsa and melody the celebration ensues.

Lohri Festival, Himachal Pradesh
Gochi Festival
Gochi Festival, Himachal Pradesh

Gochi is an unusual festival which is celebrated in the Bhaga Valley in the Himachal Pradesh. In this festival the villagers celebrate the birth of male children. Token marriages of children below the age of six are also performed. Some children also throw snow balls at each other. The famous festival of Gotsi or Gochi, Himachal Pradesh is celebrated in the month of February.The festival of Gotsi or Gochi in Himachal Pradesh is observed in the houses of those people who got new member in their families in the form of a son last year.

Holi Festival

The festival of Holi, popularly known as the Colour festival is celebrated in the month of March. This festival is celebrated for two days. On the evening of the first day, the bonfires are lit which symbolise the destruction of the evil and also seen as the end of the winters. On the second day, people throw colors and colored water on each other. This festival is celebrated all around the Himachal but there are exuberant celebrations at Palampur (Kangra) and Sujanpur (Hamirpur).

Holi Festival, Himachal Pradesh
Baisakhi Festival
Baisakhi Festival, Himachal Pradesh

Baisakhi is one of the most important festival which is celebrated in the month of April. It is celebrated on the first Baisakh and in turn bids farewell to winter. The festival's main root lies in the rural areas where this festival is celebrated on account of the sowing of new crops. At Tattapani near Shimla, at Rewalsar and Prashar lakes near Mandi, people take purifying dips in water. Various village fairs are held on this day which combines wrestling, dancing and archery.


Gugga Fair

Gugga Fair is celebrated in the various places in Himachal Pradesh like Chamba, Bilaspur and Sirmour. Gugga fair is connected with the worship of Gugga, the Nag God.A tradition is connected with this festival. On this day large feasts (Bhandara) are organized at all the temples of Googa (Googmadhi) in which the food grains collected by the Guru (head priest) are used. The farmers also come with offerings of food and pray for their well being. Pictures of snakes are drawn on the walls with turmeric and people feed snakes with milk and butter.

Gugga Fair, Himachal Pradesh

Fullaich Festival
Fullaich Festival, Himachal Pradesh

The Fullaich (Phulech) festival is celebrated in Kinnaur in the month of September. This famous festival of flowers is celebrated in the autumn season. The Fullaich festival opens the window to its remarkable people and their beautiful countryside. In this festival, the villagers first scout the hillsides for flowers which are collected in the village square. Then they offer these flowers to the local deity. In the evening there are celebrations which consists of singing, dancing and feasting.

Dussehra Festival

Dussehra is the famous festival which is celebrated in Kullu. This festival is celebrated in the month of October. About more than 200 deities of the valley collect in Kullu on Dussehra festival to pay their offerings to the Lord Raghunathji. The music and dance also fills the 'Silver Valley'. The history of Kullu Dussehra belongs to the 17th century when the local King Jaganand installed an idol of Raghunath or Lord Rama on his throne as a mark of penance. After this, Raghunath came to be known as the ruling deity of the valley.

Dussehra Festival, Himachal Pradesh
International Himalayan Festival
International Himalayan Festival, Himachal

The International Himalayan festival is celebrated in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. This festival is celebrated with the blessings of Nobel Laureate, His Holiness the Dalai Lama. The troupes from the Himalayan nations are invited and they take part in this festival.The festival lasts for three days and is started off from the shrine at McLeodganj. It aims at strengthening the ties and bringing out communal harmony among the Tibetans dwelling Himachal Pradesh and the natives.

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