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Telephone Dialing Code (STD Code) for Cities in India

Overseas Telephone services

Indian Telecommunication, Telex and Services

Within India, Subscribers Trunk Dialing (STD) is available for 1000 cities. City calls can be made from any telephone booth by inserting a one-rupee coin India has a direct dialing system which links over 190 countries all over the world. The Telephone booths for making local and international calls are quite easily available in every part of the country.

These Booths can be recognized easily. They are yellow and black and have some kind of identification on it like PCO (stands for local calls, STD (stands for calls with in India) and ISD (stands for international calls capability of the booth). Making calls from these booths in India or abroad is much cheaper than from the hotel room of the tourists. There is always an attendant for assistance since these booths are not automatic. Its important to insist on a print out of the call charges which is printed by itself once the call is over and cradle is back on the telephone. The call duration and call charges are shown on a separate digital screen. If there is power cut, which is not unusual, one has to decide either to trust the telephone operator for the told charges or wait till the next telephone booth if calls are not that urgent.

For  their convenience, the tourists can buy the SIM CARD  for their mobiles from India itself so that they do not need to stop at a telephone booth to make calls. In order to get the same, an identification proof is required to be shown by the tourists.

Telephone Dialing Code (STD Code) for Cities in India

We have prepared a list of Telephone Codes  (STD Codes) of Indian Cities below. Please click the alphabet by which the city names starts and look for the city !

Chose the first Alphabet below to know the City dialing code


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