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About Chhattisgarh

Chhattisgarh is a state in Central India. It is the 10th largest state in India, with an area of 135,190 km2 (52,200 sq mi). With a population of 25.5 million, Chhattisgarh is the 16th most-populated state of the nation. Chhattisgarh accounts for 15% of the total steel produced in the country. It is a source of electricity and steel for India. The green state of Chhattisgarh has 41.33% of its area under forests and is one of the richest bio-diversity areas in the country.

Chhattisgarh is located in the heart of India and is gifted with a rich cultural heritage and attractive natural diversity. The state is full of elegantly carved temples, Buddhist sites, ancient monuments, rare wildlife, palaces, hill plateaus, caves, rock paintings and water falls. Most of these sites are untouched and unknown and offer a distinctive and alternate experience to tourists, compared to traditional destinations which have become overcrowded.

The state was formed on 1 November 2000 by partitioning 16 Chhattisgarhi-speaking south-eastern districts of Madhya Pradesh. Raipur was made its capital city. Chhattisgarh borders the states of Maharastra in the south-west, Andhra Pradesh in the south, Odisha in the east, Madhya Pradesh in the north-west, Uttar Pradesh in the north and Jharkhand in the north-east. Presently the state comprises 27 districts.

Rawat Nacha, Pandwani, Kaksar, Panthi, Karma, Chaitra, Soowa and Saila are some indigenous dance styles of Chhattisgarh.

There were 22.8 million people in Chhattisgarh as per the census 2011 of which 98.30% were Hindu, 1% Muslim and 0.7% Christian.Chattisgarh now has the highest Hindu percentage in the world by state.

History of Chhattisgarh

Ancient and medieval history
In ancient times, this region was known as Dakshin-Kausal. This area also finds mention in Ramayana and Mahabharata. Between the sixth and twelfth centuries, Sarabhpurias, Somvanshi, Kalachuri, Panduavanshi, and Nagvanshi rulers dominated this region. Kalachurisruled in Chhattisgarh from 980 to 1741 AD.

Modern history
Chhattisgarh was under Maratha rule (Bhonsales of Nagpur) from 1741 to 1845 AD. It came under British rule from 1845 to 1947. Raipur gained importance over the capital Ratanpur with the advent of the British in 1845. In 1905, the Sambalpur district was transferred to Odisha and the estates of Sarguja were transferred from Bengal to Chhattisgarh.

The area which constitutes the new state merged into on November 1, 1956, under the States Re-organization Act and remained a part of that state for 44 years. Prior to its becoming a part of the new state of Madhya Pradesh, the region was part of old Madhya Pradesh State, with its capital at Nagpur. Prior to that, the region was part of the Central Provinces and Berar province under the British rule. Some areas constituting the Chhattisgarh state were princely states under the British rule, but later on were merged into Madhya Pradesh.

Language of Chhattisgarh

The official language of the state is Hindi and is used by non-rural population of the state. Chhattisgarhi, a dialect of Hindi language, is spoken and understood by the majority of people in Chhattisgarh. Telugu is also spoken in parts of Chhattishgarh.

Chhattisgarhi was known as "Khaltahi" to the surrounding hill-people and as "Laria" to Sambalpuri and Oriya speakers. Kosali and Oriya are also spoken by a lot of people. Bhojpuri is also spoken by a lot of people.

Culture and Crafts of Chhattisgarh

The state hosts many religious sects such as Kabirpanth, Satnami Panth, Ramnami Samaj and others. Champaran (Chhattisgarh) is a small town with religious importance as the birthplace of the Saint Vallabhacharya, increasingly significant as a pilgrimage site for the Gujarati community.The Oriya culture is famous in the eastern parts of Chhattisgarh bordering Odisha.

Chhattisgarh is known for "Kosa silk" and "lost wax art". In addition to salwar suits and saris, the fabric is used to create stoles, lehengas, shawls and menswear including jackets, shirts, sherwanis and achkans. International sculptor, Sushil Sakhuja's Dhokra Nandi is well-known and available at government's Shabari handicrafts emporium, Raipur.

Climate of Chhattisgarh

The climate of Chhattisgarh is tropical. It is hot and humid because of its closeness to the Tropic of Cancer and its dependence on themonsoons for rains. Summer in Chhattisgarh temperatures can reach 45C (113F). Chhattisgarh receives an average of 1,292 millimetres (50.9 in) of rain. The monsoon season is from late June to October and is a welcome respite from the heat. Winters are pleasant with low temperatures and less humidity. Winter is from November to January and it is a good time to visit Chhattishgarh.

The temperature varies between 30 and 45 C (86 and 113 F) in summer and between 0 and 25 C (32 and 77 F) during winter. However, extremes in temperature can be obsevered with scales falling to less than 0C to 49C.

Tourist Attractions of Chhattisgarh

Famous and ancient temples in Chhattisgarh are Bhoramdeo temple near Kawardha in Kabirdham district, Chandrahasini Devi temple at Chandrapur, Deorani-Jethani temple at Tala gram and Mahamaya temple at Ratanpur in Bilaspur district, Uwasaggaharam Parshwa Teerth at Nagpura in Durg district, Bambleshwari Temple at Dongargarh in Rajnandgaon district, Vishnu temple at Janjgir, Rajivlochan temple at Rajim and Champaran in Raipur district, Damudhara (Rishab Tirth) and Sivarinarayana Laxminarayana temple in Janjgir-Champa district, Danteshwari Temple in Dantewada district, Patal Bhairavi temple in outer area of Rajnandgaon, Laxman temple at Sirpur in Mahasamund district, Pali with Lord Shiva temple and Kharod with Lakshmaneswar temple.

Kotumsar cave and Kailash Gufa in Bastar district, Gadiya mountain in Kanker district, Ramgarh and Sita Bengra in Sarguja district and Singhanpur cave in Raigarh district with pre-historic paintings are very famous.

National parks and wildlife sanctuaries
Gamarda Reserve forest at Sarangarh in the Raigarh district, Kanger Ghati National Park in the Bastar district, Achanakmar Wildlife Sanctuary in the Bilaspur district, Indravati National Park, Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary in the Mahasamund district, Udanti Wildlife Sanctuary in the Raipur district and Sitanagi Wildlife Sanctuary in the Dhamtari district are good places for eco-tourism.

Archaeological sites
Archaeological sites worth seeing are Sirpur in Mahasamund district, Malhar and Ratanpur in Bilaspur district, Barsoor in Dantewada district, and Surguja in Surguja district. A small picnic spot with waterfall on the edge of Satpura ranga.

Hot spring
Are known as Taat Pani, (taat means hot, pani means water) the hot spring flows in balrampur district. This hot spring flows throughout the year. It is supposed to have medicinal properties due to high amount of sodium in it.

Beautiful waterfalls in Chhattisgarh are Amrit Dhara waterfalls and Akuri Nala, Gavar Ghat waterfall, Ramdaha waterfall in Koriya district, Chitrakot and Tirathgarh waterfalls in Bastar district and Tiger point waterfall at Mainpat in Sarguja district.

Giraudhpuri  is a religious place for the Satnamis. They are the followers of Satnam Panth.

How to Reach Chhattisgarh

By Rail
Chhattisgarh is linked with good railway network. Bilaspur and Raipur are the two major railway stations, which connect it to major cities and towns of India.

By Road

The National Highways (NH) 6, 16 and 43 connect all the major cities and towns of Chhattisgarh to other parts of the country.

By Air
Raipur, the capital city of Chhattisgarh, is the only airport in the state. The Indian Airlines connect the city with Delhi and Nagpur by daily flights.



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