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Padum Trekking Tour

(10 Days / 09 Nights)

Padum Trekking Tour covers 10 days and 9 nights. This trekking tour will start from Padum and end at Lamayuru. The best time to take this trekking tour is from the mid of June to October.

Day 1: Padum - Karsha (about 4 hours) 

Today, the trekking will start from Padum towards Karsha.

Day 2: Karsha - Pishu (about 5 hours)

Today, there will be easy trekking from Karsha to Pishu on the hot and dusty bank of the Zanskar river. Before reaching Pishu, move further to see the longest hanging bridge over the Zanskar

Day 3: Pishu - Hanumil (about 5 hours)

Today, there will be easy trekking along the river, and cross the bridge across the morainic plateau, until you reach Hanumil. At Hanumil, you have a camp. 

Day 4: Hanumil - Parti-la - Snertse (about 6 hours)

In the morning you will start trekking from on a good and easy path for 4 hours beyond Hanumil. Later, the path will leads away from the edge of the Zanskar, up to the plateau, then to the foot of the Part-la pass. There will be a steep descent on the slope until you reach the Snertse.

Day 5: Snertse - Hanuma-la - Lingshed (about 7 hours)

In the morning, there will be long gradual ascent towards the Hanuma-la. Then you will descend further and climb along the mountain side to reach Lingshed. Overnight stay in the camp near the monastery.

Day 6: Lingshed - Sengge-la (about 6 hours)

Today, you will start trekking from Lingshed to Sengge-la and climb along the mountain side to the foot of the Sengge-la. 

Day 7: Sengge-la - Photoksar (about 7 hours)

Today, you will have steep climb from the Sengge-la to Photoksar. Photoksar is a splendid village situated at 3750 metres, at the base of the huge mountain walls. 

Day 8: Photoksar - Sirsir-la - Hanupatta (about 6 hours)

Today, you will have gentle climb from Photoksar to a large chorten, then a long ascent to the Sirsir-la pass situated at 4800 metres. Then, you will have an easy descent to the river. Overnight stay in the camp at a short distance before the village of Hanupatta. 

Day 9: Hanupatta - Wanla (about 5 hours)

In the morning, start trekking from Hanupatta, across the slope until entering the gorges. From there, you will pass a ridge across the Yapola. Then, you will have an easy and difficult stretches until Phenjila. Later, you will cross again to the left bank and on a flat road to Wanla

Day 10: Wanla - Lamayuru (about 3 hours)

In the morning, you will have trekking from Wanla to Lamayuru. The Lamayuru monastery is the most photographed monastery in Ladakh

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