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Information about Kanpur

Kanpur is the largest city and the most important industrial center of Uttar Pradesh. Cotton mills were first established here in 1869 making it one of the older factory cities of India. It is now one of the greatest industrial cities with textile, woollen and leather industries, cotton, flour and vegetable oil mills, sugar refineries and chemical works. The best season to visit Kanpur is from October to March. 

History of Kanpur

In the ancient times, Kanpur was known as Cawnpore by the British. Under the British, it was one of the most important garrisons on the Ganga. During the Mutiny in Delhi, the insurgents turned towards Cawnpore. Here they rallied under Nana Sahib who bore a grievance against the British because they had not pensioned him off as handsomely as his father. He laid siege to the British community of around 1,000 people under Sir James Wheeler. After a few weeks, the defenders were reduced to a few hundred through gunshot wounds, starvation and disease. Nana Sahib then offered a truce and arranged for boats to take the survivors downstream to Allahabad. When they were boarding these at Satichura Ghat, they were raked with fire and hacked down by horseman. The survivors were either butchered and thrown down a well or died of cholera and dysentery. General Sir James Neill was seized with an Old Testamental vision of revenge when he saw the mangled bodies down the well (Moorhouse). The captured mutineers had to lick clean a portion of the bloody ground, and were then hanged. To break a manís caste, pork and beef were stuffed down his throat, thus condemning him to eternal damnation. More often than not, persons suspected of belonging to the mutineer army were bayoneted on sight, regardless of whether they were armed or not. Nana Sahib escaped after pretending to commit suicide in the Ganga and is believed to have died of fever in Nepal in 1859.

Tourist Attractions in Kanpur

The various British monuments are located at the site of Wheelerís entrenchment in the south-east of the city and is known as the old cantonment area. Some of the historical buildings are the All Soulís Memorial Church, Memorial Gardem, King Edward VII Memorial Hall amd Christ Church.

All Soulís Memorial Church
The All Soulís Memorial Church was built in 1875 in Romanesque style. This church has a handsome Gothic style building with a campanile and spire designed by Walter Granville. The interior is cool and spacious and has an attractive stained glass window. It bears the names of British soldiers who died in the revolt against the British East India Company in 1857. Outside the church, there is an enclosed pavement marking the graves of over 70 officers and men captured and executed on 1 July 1857, four days after the Satichaura ghat massacre.

Memorial Garden
In the Memorial Garden there is a statue by Marochetti and a screen designed by Sir Henry Yule. Originally these stood over the Bibighar well where the dismembered bodies of European women and children had been thrown. They were relocated here in 1948.

Satichaura Ghat
The Satichaura Ghat is just over 1 km north-east of the church and little changed. A dusty track leads down to the river Ganga and a small Siva temple stands by it. There is a small plaque in the wall at the head of the track.

How to get here

By Air: 
Kanpur is directly connected by Indian Airlines flights with Delhi and Lucknow.

By Rail:
Kanpur is situated on the main broad gauge Delhi-Kolkata line and also has lines from Lucknow, Agra and Central India. Kanpur is directly connected by rail with Agra, Delhi, Kolkata, Patna, Varanasi and Lucknow.

By Road:
Kanpur is connected with all major cities on good roads like Lucknow, Allahabad, Varanasi, Khajuraho, Agra, Jhansi, Bhopal and Delhi.


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