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Hindi is not only widely spoken language but also learned by wide range of people with interest. In order to acquaint you with such a rich and interesting language we have designed unique Hindi learning programme. We conduct special Hindi learning classes for tourists whose native language is not Hindi but they have keen interest to learn this wonderful language.


Some facts about Hindi
Hindi became the official language of India on 26th January 1965. When India became independent, a debate arose to choose a common language for the country, the matter was put to vote and Hindi won by a single vote.  It has its roots in the classical Sanskrit language. The language acquired its current form over many centuries, and numerous dialectical variations still exist. In course of its development it has been influenced and enriched by many foreign languages like Dravidian, Turkish, Farsi, Arabic,

Portuguese and English.


Hindi has spread throughout North India as a contemporary lingua franca. Its speakers range from illiterate workers in large cities to highly educated civil class of country. In many states of India the residents learn Hindi as a second or third language even if they speak another regional language, such as Marathi, Bengali, or Gujarati. In such conditions knowledge of Hindi language allows one to communicate with a far wider variety of people in India.

Hindi is a very expressive language. It is also easy to learn. It is written in the Dev Nagari script, which is common to several other Indian languages as well. Hindi literature is also very rich source of knowledge of culture, religion, spirituality etc. So if you want to explore more of India and have interest for learning new languages take our special Hindi learning classes and make your visit more enjoyable and memorable.


Our Hindi Learning Programme
We offer a unique Hindi language course specially designed for those foreign tourist/students whose native language is not Hindi but they have a desire to learn Hindi. The daily classes are divided in two sessions pre lunch and post lunch session. During this programme we provide you accommodation also that is usually arranged near to your training center.

This will facilitate better coordination between you and your trainer and save your time and money as well. For accommodation we generally suggest you to stay with Indian family so that you can get better environment for learning Hindi as it is commonly spoken in all Indian families.

New !
There will be an introduction sessions prior to the classes for which is free of cost. In this session you can meet the teacher online, you can talk to her / him through the camera and microphone attached to your computer and decide if you wish to start with the classes.

More Information
 about unique one to one Hindi lessons and courses for individual and small groups in Jaipur by University educated experienced Native Teachers with the facility of Staying with an Indian family is available on our main Website at: Learn Hindi in Jaipur!

Hindi online classes cost as well  the booking procedure will be informed by e-mail by our language consultant.


Rajasthan Information: History - Culture - Heritage - Music - Dance - Art - Architecture - Society

Sources of the History and Culture of Rajasthan
(From earliest times up to 1200 A.D.)

Rajput - Muslims Relations
 (1200 – 1526 A.D.)

Architecture in Rajasthan (1200 – 1800 A.D.)

Kalibangan - the largest prehistoric site in Rajasthan

Excavations at Ahar (South Rajasthan)

Origin of the Rajputs

Origin of the Guhilas, their Rise and Bappa Rawal in Rajasthan

Moguls & Chauhans Resistance in Rajasthan

Rawal Ratan Singh of Rajasthan and his Resistance against the Turks

Maharana Kumbha (1433 – 1468) and his Political Achievements

Maharana Kumbha & his Cultural Achievements

Maharana Sanga & his Achievements (1508 – 1528 A.D.)

Rajasthani Paintings Schools

Merger of Rajput states in the Indian Union

Resistance of Mahararana Pratap of Mewar Against Akbar

Maratha - Rajputs Relations

Raja Man Singh of Amber

Rathore – Sisodia Alliance & Achievements of Raj Singh in Mewar

Role of Durga Dass Rathor in the history of Rajasthan

Sawai Jai Singh of Jaipur , Mughals and Marathas

Rajasthan’s Cultural Heritage


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